Sunday, January 25, 2009

Our Sweet Coy Aaron

Can you tell we LOVE LOVE LOVE him?

I have been posting mostly pictures lately, without actual news. Oops. is some news:
*Logan is back in class! But... it's his last semester, and he is soo looking forward to being done. Hes only got class one night a week, so the burden is not so much :) He is also liking his new job, and learning everyday. (He's now the controller at CHS) He likes to have "daddy time" with Coy, and gets plenty of it when I get to the gym. They look alike...and pretty much act alike. Just kidding...haha. ;)
*With me, i LOVE LOVE LOVE being a mom, and being able to stay home with Coy. Some days are frusterating, but I live for the moments when he smiles, and cuddles. Nothing tugs the heartstrings more than a sweet smile and their hot breath against your cheek. Every morning right after we wake up, we have a little chat, where he talks and talks and talks.I get out to the gym at least 3 times a week, which gives me a little "me" time, plus it feels really good to work out. Good for the body and mind.
*And as for Coy, he is growing growing growing! Not sure what he weighs right now, but it sure is plenty. He has, what I believe to be called "cankles" :) We is getting more mobile...we now have to watch him closely when we sit him on the couch, because it isn't too long until he's flopped over and hanging halfway off. He's playing with "things" now....primarily things that are not toys. (ei: changing mat, diapers, HAIR (ouch) wipes)
He's starting to laugh,.. and finds the weirdest things funny. One day, it was being covered with a blnket to sheild the snow that made him giggle, and tonight it was daddy hitting us with a pillow. He, of course, likes to be up and about when he's held, which sometimes makes meetings a little difficult. WE LOVE COY and feel that our little family is so blessed!
**Before I forget, thanks to all the comments that we get! I am horrible at commenting back, but I do like checking everyone's blogs when I get a chance :)


Lindsay said...

what a sweetie! love those incredible cheekers... can't wait to see you guys!! :)

Heather T said...

Adorable pics! Sounds like your little family is doing very well...we're very happy for you!:0)

Paige's Parents said...

It's soooo awesome when they start giggling about things!
What a cutie he is! Heck -just a cute family!