Monday, September 28, 2009

At our 32 week appt today, I measured 35 cm, gained 3 lbs, and felt the babys head. Pretty exciting huh? Logan felt way down there could move it with your hands, which felt really weird.
Jeanne plans to move into the birth center this weekend, which means our next visit, in two weeks, will be there! :) We're excited to see the place where we'll hopefully birth our baby! She was most excited (as was I) about the new huge tub.

Our other munchkin on the otherhand, was not such a pleasure to be with today. Cranky, teething (just popped a top one), plus NO NAP (again!!) makes for a tough, and LONG day. But at last, he's sleeping....and I'm about to be! :)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Ever hear of "Harold and the Purple Crayon"?
We now have a "Coy and the Blue Crayon"...except Coy's dreams aren't as clearly drawn out as Harolds...

Does he LOOK like he's in trouble? Cause he was...
He's also figured out flushing the toilet! I really really think he's too smart for his age, is that possible? Mom says wait until he finds that things IN the toilet go Bye Bye when you flush...

Monday, September 21, 2009


I LOVE fall...and then anything pumpkin. So, heres my pumpkin bread..but ya think it mighta fit better in TWO bread pans rather then one? That's what I thought, but Better Homes and Garden didn't think so. It had been baking for an hour and a half at this point, and still batter in the middle...hmmmm.

My son, IN the toybox. May be a sign he's getting bored with his baby toys.

And my 31 week pregnant self is saying:

sure it's not twins?

gasp MY BACK groan

my shirt wont stay covering my belly at night...thus waking up to a very cold stomach...every morning

there any food out there that DOESN'T cause heartburn?

poor coy. no more really close cuddles :(

flutter flutter kick...giggle :)


Friday, September 18, 2009

Rise and Shine

Grandma B got Coy some organic baby food from a friend who has a little company called Wee Chef. She's just starting out, and wanted some pictures of Coy eating Rise and Shine with Quiona for her website. Mmmmm good, Coy anyway :)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Pumpkin Spice Is BACK!

And oh, that makes it a good day!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Big Happenings!

Here are some of Coy's first steps!! He made about 3 steps with Daddy while I was making supper, and after Dads excitedment, I had to join them...attempting to get a video. And lucky for us, we did! :)

I had an appt with our midwife on Monday. At 29 weeks, Im measuring 32 weeks, which is what I did with Coy. I only gained 3 lbs, which is good because it feels like I've gained about 10! I have had horrible back/butt pain, so Jeanne suggested PT. We might look into that, since my hips were near an inch off in height.

There was more exciting news at our appt....Jeanne is opening another Birth Center!!!!! That's very good news of us, as our plan was to birth with her at home here. But now that we have the option, we will probably go to the "new" birth center! It's a house on the south side of town, which they plan to be into by the first of October! Our new baby boy may just be the first to be born there, which is neat becuase Tessa (Ade and Anna's) was the very 2nd baby to be born at the first Birth Center here in town! :) Since the Birth Center closed in Jan due to Dr's death, Jeanne had opened her own practice, but only doing home births. And as of Monday, she has birthed 11 boys and 10 healthy girls at homes since about Feb! We really trust her, and are glad that we have her as our midwife!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

An afternoon at the river takes a lot of worries away...:)

Ted and Stephanie Heyes came out to Montana!! They took a little road trip, stopping in Glacier, then making their way to our house for a few days! Coy liked Steph, but took a long time to warm up to Ted...we think it was the facial hair! ha! They explored, hiked, and went horseback riding, and then Friday night we all went to the rodeo at the Ravalli county fair.

Here are Ted and Steph. There's a nicer picture...but I think this one shows Teds personality better. bahah. And Coy, getting sniffed by a goat.

Aaannd just some more pictures from the fair. Coy was in his glory there...making tractor noises, cow noises and his newest....PIG SNORTS! He's discovered how to immitate our pig snorts with his mouth, and is amazing at it. He's so smart!
Mmmm, and NAUGHTY! He's getting into nearly everything (and loves every minute of it)! And to think that I said that about him 2 months ago...! Oh i know,...just wait another year, right? Oh man!

Sunday Catch Up...

This post is a now or never kind of deal...i've been so far behind on blogging and just NEED to get this done! This is our trip to Wisconsin, which was awesome! The 30 hour train ride there was not so much, but the time we were there made it well worth it.

Coy LOVED Grandpa's corn on the cob, and we had it every night! (had the diapers to prove it)

We can climb stairs! Ahh! And play tunes with Grandma.
We had so much fun at Cole's 2nd birthday party! Great Grandma and Coy break in one of Cole's new toys :)
And we saw Daddy for a few days in between!! :)

The siberian tiger watched us at the zoo. So did Madison, but with far less teeth!

Cousin Cole and Mommy make good zoo buddies. Auntie Lindsay and Maddi too.

Grandpas Snap On truck was toy heaven for little boys!
Playin at the mall with cousins and friend Mariah were fun too.

Nothin to do on the train....wish we were still with Grandma and Grandpa!

With Auntie Beans too! (who took me on my first fair ride!!)