Saturday, February 27, 2010

that mommy

back in my "younger" days, i babysat for a mother who had breakfast, lunch and dinner stuck on the floor, lime green play-doh in the grooves of the table, and no spare counter top space. it bugged me, so i would clean for her too...but sometime between then and now, i have become that same women. i say this, as i scrape pear off the floor with a knife. you know what kind of day its been by how you measure what you sweep into the dust pan....1/4 cup...1/2 cup...

i love it though.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

kisses for you

and i forgot to mention the best part of last weekend..seeing gramma and grampa!! he's so affectionate towards grampa, giving him lots and lots of kisses. he spared a few for gramma too!

coy also saves kisses for his auntie sarah when she comes to visit! (she's got fake lips here guys...not pumpin with collogen...) she moved into town last weekend to some friends place to be lots closer to work. it works nice for her, but we miss her around the house here. but it's fun to get to see her a few times a week here and there too :)

so maybe this is where he gets all his sweetness whip? there's plenty of sugar to spare there..

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

little pig farmers

saturday morning we all hopped up into the farm truck and went out to do grandpas chores!

it's actually not that hard, holding a baby and feeding sows. could see how it could tone some muscles if i did it everyday! guess that's why some farmers are so buff.....HAHAHAHAH

i just think this one is so cute... daddy with two babies


not too much to say right now, other then the past 2 days have been completly exhausting. coys so sensative and benters always need to be ALL the time or he'll wrinkle up and cry too. sigh. oh...and he rolled over on saturday night! it was on the bed, so maybe a little cheater, but hey, he rolled over! :)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Chubs and Lean

Guess which is which?
Yes, not too hard to tell! This is both of them at 3 months...Coy weighed TWO and a half more lbs then Bentley does now! Oof da, huh?

Speaking of comparing lbs....3 months post-partum with Coy I had lost 25 lbs. THIS time around????? Only FIVE! I have been working out 3 nights a week, at least an hour, for 7 weeks...and nada. Annoying. They said it would be harder to lost baby weight the second time around....but really? this hard? GARRR.

Monday, February 15, 2010


This is my newest Valentine this year..

Friday, February 12, 2010

Cousin Trapper was worried that Coy didn't have a cowboy hat for riding his horse, so he got one in the mail yesterday from California!! It took him a while to get used to keeping it on his head, but now he looks like a real cowpoke! Thanks Trapper, Quianna, Aunt Ellen and Uncle Josh!! Plus, we got sweet, sweet Valentines from them, which brightened our day.

Ellen doesn't know this yet, but she also sent lots of laughs to me from that big box that the cowboy hat came in...Coy was trotting across the living room minding his own business, when he slipped on a magazine, and ended up headfirst, bum UP in the box! hahaha! I thought it was hilarious~Coy? not so much....

We have a story train in our living room. MUCh quieter then the one rushing outside our window every hour...

Bentley is our cute and cozy!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cold, foot?

We know there's one NOT getting cole feet...and that's Uncle Kenny, whos getting married to Lichen this May! We're so so so happy for them and that she'll be joining our family!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The best massage therapist, Willa, passed away yesterday. She was 35, and so full of life and had a strong mind/body connection and love for people and their well being. At the end of a massage, you not only felt amazing, but she left you with a huge hug. She had an aneurysm at the base of her skull, and a hernia in the brain. She has a husband and 10 year old son.

Tonight I want to hug and kiss and hold my boys and husband.