Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Last month we took a 2 week long trip to Wisconsin to be with my family for a while and have an awesome Thanksgiving dinner there!

I tried uploading pictures, but it says I'm outta storage, and need to pay for more. yah right. So, pictureless here today I guess.

On our way out to mom and dads, we stopped in the cities for a couple days, staying with an old bestie, Katie and playing with their girls and meeting a new friend with little farmer boys too! We also stayed a night with Sarah & Chase, getting to adventure the big aquarium at the MOA too!

I feel so lucky that I also got to see my other best friends, Naomi & Susie while we were there! I think of all these special gals (and all family members!( everyday because they hold a special place in my heart...but it was just so fantastic to get to see them!! Of course we got to see family too that we've been waiting to spend time with! Thanksgiving day was special too, was feeling very thankful especially that day!

On the way home, we detoured down the southern route and popped in at Logan's Aunt Elaine's surprise 50th birthday party! All of his aunts and uncles had travelled from MT to Baraboo, WI for this occasion, and was so fun to get to see them alltogether too! We took a much anticipated stop in the tiny town of Utica, MN to see a gal with a very large heart. Sierra McClain (from MT here) has been doctoring near Rochester with a rare form of lymphoma. Even with fighting cancer with all her might, she still has enough energy and spirit in her to be the most positive soul I've ever met! I love her smile! After chatting there late into the night, we hit the road home. And finally made it....a couple days later.

So traveling 6 months pregnant, quite cranky and with 3 small kiddos was very worth it. Wish I could share special pictures and a very cute video of a baby Kase interacting with a wiener dog...maybe later!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Where Oh Where?

Where, oh where has my sweet boy gone?
As we are struggling with a very strong-willed, vocal toddler, I found this picture of Bentley sweetly sleeping that brought me consolation that every moment doesn't have to be a struggle...it's all in how I look at it and deal with it.
Oh and it also reminded me to NAP WHEN THE KIDS NAP! :)

Monday, October 8, 2012

In The Field

 Coy Aaron, Kase Logan & Bentley Armour
October 2012
Kase - 12 months

Bentley - 35 months
Coy - 4 years

2 Peas in a Pod
All photo shoots with children take lots of work & action...
With absolutely NO gaurentee of getting any perfect pictures!

Coys 4th Birthday

I have put down my laundry basket, turned off my sewing machine, put fresh diapers on all the necessary children, and I'm going to do a little back-blogging :)

I'll go back just over 2 weeks to when we celebrated our first born turing FOUR! Here he is at his small Sunday evening party, chip faced. :)
We pizza partied with our closest friends, Pablo & Olga and Lyle & Bonnie. Cody and Coy share a birthday, born the same day exactly 10 years apart! They're such great buddies and it's extra special they get to share a birthday!
Of course, the cake was decorated with none other then Lightning McQueen himself! Seriously, you thought of something else?? This new 4 year old revolves every play episode around the characters of Cars. Lightning McQueen, Sally, Mater, Luigi, Guido, Francesco....I have no idea who most of those guys are, but they keep the big boys super happy and imagination going!
Coy LOVES learning!! He wants to know about everything that he sees! He went to "Tire School" on saturday while daddy changed our vans flat tire. He learned how to do it....then informed me that I needed to learn too! Who are you child, your Grandpa?? ;)
We've started learning a new letter each week too, mostly by coloring pages with things starting with that letter. He asks to learn letters about 3 times every day, and I just LOVE his enthuiasism! He may be ready for school sooner then we want! He cant wait to go to school, ride the bus, and have "Football School" there too. Gym class anyone?
He makes us smile with the intelligent words and phrases that come out of his mouth! Yes, a little sassing too, but his big brown eyes and blonde hair make us forgive those sassy little lips pretty quick!
Oh, he also may be the most proud 4 year old ever! For the week after his birthday, everywhere we went, he announced that he was now "FOUR"! Complete with the correct number of fingers waving around! :)
Mom, Dad, Bentley & Kasey-poo love you lots Coy Aaron!!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Our Boys 2012

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE fall! Part of fall here is taking the boys' pictures!
Here is last years....
And this years!
This is not the final picture...just the best that I could get today without Logan helping me. It's really amazing how much they grow in 365 days! Well this year was leap year, with 366 days....it was probably that one extra day that made the differance....? ;)
Happy Fall! <3 p="p">

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A One Year Old

Today, our baby (the baby for now) turns one year old! When looking back on a year past, most of us say "wow, that went fast!". But seriously, I have NO idea how the days, weeks, months passed to quickly! I'm reminiscing (yes, with tears in my eyes. no, make that on my cheek!) of the day that our little Kasey-poo was born...the day that he met his mommy and daddy face to face, and the brothers he will grow up with. The overwhelming feeling of love and joy that this little guy has brought us this year will stay with us forever! I hope...especially when he's a sassy teenager... ;)
We celebrated his 1st birthday on Saturday with Grandma & Papa, close friends & neighbors.
The theme was "Down on the Farm" and turned out to be really cute!
The lil farmer at his feeding station.

For next years birthdays we will need a bigger "big kid" table!

Kase sat so happy up on the table getting pictures taken! He was pleased with the attention and most DEFinately even MORE pleased to have a front row spot by the cake :)

Here is Kase and Sierra Williams, born one day apart! We got to her sweet little princess party the next day.

As an appatizer before the cake, he enjoyed a little piggy cake pop! Nearly too cute to eat, not that he cared what it looked like ;)

All the kiddos burned off a few calories and made room for cake!

THE cake. Now I realize it's far from perfect, but it tasted like a real cake...nice and sweet! I had big plans with this sugar baby, but when it comes down to actually decorating it...my hands don't conjure with my brain and Pinterest boards apparently.

There's no denying this boy got his cake and ate it too! The nexy day, his diaper looked this green too. I'm sure it will stain his cloth diaper...but it'll be a happy stain :)

We drank chocolate or strawberry milk and lemonade out of mason jars. Pretty "down on the farm", don'tchya think?

Partys over...can you tell? He was so pleasant the whole time though!

And now one week from today...this big guy turns FOUR! Now don't ask me where the last 4 years went...I WILL cry you a river!

Up close of the cake pops! They were so yummy and turned out pretty cute! SOOOOO many thanks to my AWESOME friend OLGA for taking the time to come down to do a trial run last week. Of course we all ate those before the party...and got to re-do these! She made all the cow and pig parts, and chicken beaks out of fondant so they were all ready to stick on. They were a hit!

And what would a little boy be without a new tractor after a successful birthday? He's sportin his new Case tractor in half of his Sunday best. You would never know it's actually HIS though...it seems to be claimed by his brothers instead.
Today Logan had to go up to Polson for a board meeting, where they'll party like old famers do at board meetings, and stay overnight at the resort there. His awesome boss reserved a room with a few more beds so we could join him as well on this special day! So after a bit we will head up there where Logan will awesomely skip out on the Flathead Lake drink-n-cruise (no, that's not what they really call it..) to go swimming with our boys who are super excited for a little trip!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Georgetown Lake

Last weekend we took a little camping trip with Duane & Janette up to Georgetown Lake. GORGEOUS country! So we spent a few days by the campfire, watching the kids on their striders, and just enjoying eachothers company! Here are a few pictures to share. We really only got the camera out when at the lake, so that's about all you'll get to see. Maybe a few other iPhone pictures :)

Kase - not sure what to think of either the life vest or being rocked to sleep by the passing boats.

3 little men, floating out to sea! (not really, they were attatched)

Daddy/baby cuddles :)

Star gazing.

Mommy and 2 of her sweet boys!

And the best part...the part they started talking about as soon as they woke up in the morning, but had to wait oh-so-patiently for ALLL day long...S'MORES!

I really don't deserve this guy, but so glad he loves me anyway! ;)

We got to see Uncle Chase & Auntie Sarah for a couple hours! We were only 2 hours apart, since they were in Bozeman for a wedding, and us at Georgetown lake...so we met in the middle in Butte! A cold treat in the park and a pizza supper was just enough time to say hi and bye, and remind me how much we MISS THEM!

On the way home, we hit the candy store in Philipsburg and hauled off with some super sweet treats!

And we ended the awesome weekend with a blown wheel bearing on the camper on the way home. What would vacation be without a little complication? :)
And now I'm so sorry that we didn't get more pictures with Grandma & Papa, since they were a HUGE part of the weekend! Maybe I'll sneak one off Logan's phone later tonight :)

Last week I turned TWENTY FIVE! A quarter century old! I'm definately feeling my age now....sore back, sciatic nerve, headaches.....Oh wait....that's just pregnancy! We're 14 weeks now! And so hoping the rest goes by really fast and painless. The body sags and droops, and moans and groans when you're pregnant with the 4th baby in just under 4 years! :0)

Have a good week!!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Letter Scramble

Poor Bentley has difficulty with his speech sometimes. Not only is he often hard to understand, but he also says endings of "ts" as a "ps".  Don't know if that wording makes sense at all....so I'll just give you an example:


So how cute is it when he wants to get his boops on?

Makes us giggle everytime!!

Monday, July 9, 2012

 Wow, so summer has finally hit! And it hit us hard....just like most of the country. 96 degree days seem perfect for the pool, but actually keep this momma and her little ducklings inside...that's just TOO hot for me!

We've sure had some special days this past month :) Conventions - Ronan and Manhatten, much valued family time with my parents and Sarah & Chase, fun weekend with Logan's family too, and just a lot of days that leave my heart softened by the time evening comes.

Most of these pics are on Facebook, but here they are again:

We spent a weekend up in Kalispell with Ellen & Kids, and Kenny & Lichen. We got to celebrate Baylon and Kennys birthday, and have quality cousin time and piggy time! Quiana got cuddly with this little piggy :)

 We also got to help celebrate Jaci's 4th birthday in their brand new place in Kalispell! Gorgeous cake, gorgeous birthday girl and gorgeous house!

We just had our hay cut and baled last week and before it got sold out of the field, the kids had a 'hay'day with them! Between using the bales to feed animals and dancing on their stage made out of hay, we discovered these square bales are good for more then just feeding to animals. Who knew, huh? ;)

Our 3 little boys :)

Mom and Dad came out to our place after a refreshing (but hot) Manhatten convention. Here we are taking a 'hike' on the trails at Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. Those 2 little boys rarely let go of the soft hand of a Grandpa or Grandma :)

 On the 4th of July, we partied with my parents, Pablo & Olga, and Lyle & Bonnie Coleman. Cody, Chance & their cousin Tara were the f'work masters. The little kids were thrilled!! We ended the night watching the best lights of all....the big white moon that never fails to rise!

Also at RMEF, we saw again Uncle Aaron's plaque. I love thinking of him up in the wilderness, or leading the horses when I read this. He was a calm man, always with a little smirk of a smile whenever I saw him :)

So....my down fall lately? (Among many) PINTEREST! It's been 'the thing' for a while now, but man alive....how cruel is it? All these yummy coffee cakes recipes, casseroles, fancy drinks, super clean organized laundry rooms, dream houses......HOW much temptation can a girl take? ;) But seriously, there are some really yummy recipes on there. I forsee paper cookbooks becoming extinct soon. All you need in Pinterest.
 Kase is now 9.5 months old, and all day I hear "No Kase!" "Kase, that's MINE" with the occasional thump on his little head by a big bro. The poor little guy is on the bottom of the totem pole, but his persistant squeel seems to lift him up to a level of phenominal power. Funny, huh? The smaller they are, the more powerful they are :) He's got 6 BIG teeth now and it's changed his look! This baby mastermind always has us looking for him when he's quietly dissappeared and kissing his chubby cheeks because he'll laugh at just about anything!

Anyway....Bentley has his mud boots on and is jiggling the door knob (a very farmiliar sound, even this early in the morn) so I better get my shoes on too and head to the mailbox to mail a diaper order.

Have a good week and stay cool!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I'm going to update quick before we leave for 4 awesome days of convention and there is absolutely NO possibility of posting! That's right..every day there usually IS a possibility, but of course...never happens ;)

KASE IS CRAWLING!! (In case time is flying fast for you too, he's EIGHT months..) He's been moving for about a month, but just in the last 2 weeks has mastered the art of crawling, and is now faster then ever!! Except when he's on the hard floor....he tries his hardest to keep up with his super fast brothers but ends up spinning out instead, with a little fluffy butt wagging like crazy!

Coy and Bentley are currently fighting like cats and dogs...so it's hard for me to brag about them at the moment....

But really, they are great too :) Bentley loves to escape outside any chance he has. Lately hes been putting on his mud boots and telling me with all seriousness that he's going out to feed his cows. In this case, it's Coy who's doing the following because B is so intent on feeding his cows that Coy knows he will NOT change his mind and play anything else.
There's still dirt in our front yard so they love scooping dirt from old flower pot to old flower pot. And occasionally to the front steps...which results in them whining while they clean it off :D

Coy loves talking about letters and is learning beginning sounds! He will sometimes go around saying things like "Firetruck....ffff.....fffff....F!" He's a bright little boy!

It's green outside because it's been raining. But what's NOT green? My garden!! I have just been too busy to get a garden in. I figure though, if I'm too busy to START it, I will be too busy to WEED it! I feel better already :)

Brown Cow Cotton has been taking off awesomely! As of today I've had 74 sales!! And now I'm wishing I had a little more time for that too! I find most of my sewing time when Kase is digging quietly in his bin of toys and the big boys are playing right outside the sewing room window. This is probably my most favorite diaper so far : Sock Monkey diaper! My 2nd favorite is the Very Hungry Caterpillar. :)

The other week I got to intruduce another special guy into my life! His name is Brett and he's 2 months old. I spend at least a half hour everyday thinking of him as I'm pumping breast milk for him! His birth mommy was an exchange student from Ecuador at a local high school. She had the baby while she was here, but couldn't take him with, so her teacher adopted him. His adoptive mom desperately wanted breast milk for the little guy, which is so awesome!! And because I have that stuff, we meet everyother week where I donate to her my extra that I have pumped! It takes a lot of extra time and energy, but it's worth it to see a momma so thankful to revieve what she knows is best for her baby! <3
Anyway...time to get crackin! I have a few things left to pack, and then cleaning this disaster house! Tonight we head up to Ronan for the annual Tuesday night pig roast and to take the worker pictures!

Ronan 2012 for this anxious family starts TOAY :)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

First and foremost, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!
Especially to my mothers Laurie & Janette!!
Mothers who prove that their children are first in their hearts. Mothers who never forget a day to pray for the children. Mothers who will do anything for the sake of their children! I hope to be half the mother that my mom was to me!

From here on out, please excuse that pictures are severly out of order. Excuse any typos, my computer doesn't have the miraculos auto correct my iPhone does. Please excuse any sentences that just do not make any sense....both eyes and brain are currently fuzzy... :)

Last week Angela, a friend who used to work with Logan came over for some college senior pictures! It was such a fun photo shoot..she's so cute and country it's almost not fair! Pretty sure she's Coy's first crush....

Ariat action..

While shooting at the neighbors, Coy decided to get a little work done!

Yup, both boys and their first girlfriend! Lucky Angela! :)

But I mean c'mon, how cute are these little country boys? Mommy's crushing on them too!

This picture especially makes my heart near burst! That right there is a genuine smile from my little tow headed cowboy

And this guy? He's a little on the heavy side, but steals my heart again and again with every wide 2-toofed grin!

To tell you that the day of May 1 was awesome, is to say the least! Adrian & Anna welcomed their new baby, who came out a bright eyed, perfect little boy! Meet Orion Benigno Pheifer!
Anna called at 2:30 on that Tuesday morning, with a calm voice saying that they were heading into the birth center because she was having contractions. So I prepped a few bottles for Kase, readied the kids things to go up to Gramma Mary's for the day, and headed in! There I met A & A, Ella, Tessa & Jaci. Everyone was wide awake for it being 3:30 am with an anxious heart and excitement! However, labor didn't exactly go as planned, and I camped out with the girls most of the day, with a breakfast break, and lunch break up at Gramma Mary's. Mommy labored furiously, daddy was a sturdy arm and mental support to lean on, and girls waited so patiently, and finally at 7:48 pm, little Orion entered this world!
I have to say, this was by far one of the most amazing experiences in my life! Thank you so much again Adrian & Anna for inviting me to be a big part of your very special day! Not only is that documented on my camera, but in my heart! Your little family holds a very special place in our life!

I'm still sewing and selling diapers! Averaging 3 sales a week, it's just enough to keep my busy. And leave me wishing there were more hours in a day.

Logan has been working on a "little" landscaping project! It's almost done now, and i love it!

This was during the week in Missoula waiting for baby Orion. We loved spending extra time with these kids! Here, Tessa is loving up baby Kase. He usually doens' mind too much all the kisses and loves he gets from his girl cousins :)

Can you believe this little guy is mobile now? He's not actually crawling in the form that we usually picture one crawling,....but he's getting from point A to point B quite well. It's surprising where he ends up!

I am so happy and lucky to be the mother of these 3 little boys! They drive me crazy...like the real 'crazy' crazy, and crazy in love!