Tuesday, May 26, 2009


On Saturday after farmers market, we went up to Kalispell to see Grandpa and Gramma B. After much Dutch Blitz, family picnic time, and smiles, Coy finally got to meet a baby pig! He was kinda excited at first, but then he got scraped with a little hoof, and piggy wasn't so cute anymore..

He really DOES love me..haha

Gorgeous, huh?

He's happy anywhere...specially at the farm!

Daddy and Coy watch the cows.

After a little scrape.. :(

Monday, May 18, 2009

graduation, sunday stroll, and wiggle worm

Yesterday evening we took a picnic in the park, and walked on the trail by the river. It was hot actually, but refreshing to watch the kayakers in Brennan's Wave. Coy of course enjoyed himself, and got lots of peoples attention and coo's.

Logans graduation on Saturday was good! Long and hot, but he now has a masters in business administration! Coy did really good considering going 6 hours without a nap in the hot, packed gym. We are so proud of daddy!

Mom and Dad B came, and helped out with market in the morning while I ironed the gown, and Logan got dressed up. After the ceremony, we came home and grilled pork kabobs and enjoyed a nice dinner with Joan, Lyle, & Dorlene Cross. And yes, I made a cake. And no, it was not pretty. It was however, pretty yummy :)

Today we had an appt with Jeanne (midwife), and got to see our little baby!! S/he was SUCH a wiggle worm! S/he was dancing away, flipping away just like a little dolphin. Also, we got a few waves, which we think that was actually a high-five to big brother Coy ;) At 13 weeks, our baby is starting to grow very fine hair on the upper lip and eyebrows!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Future MBA...

Daddy graduates tomorrow with an MBA, and I think that we are going to have another smartiee on our hands! Coy has figured out how to "make it go". (Sorry the video is sideways, i dont know how to flip it.)

I have had to start taking showers at like lunch time...sigh. The girls downstaris have been bringing friends/boyfriend over, and after 5 showers right away in the morning, there is NO hot water left. They are Katie and Kayla, and have been renting from us for nearly a year, and are awesome. But, Katie recently got engaged, and her fiance moved up from Vegas, and lives....guess where? Kayla stays with her boyfriend sometimes, but then he stays here a lot. I guess since we pay ALL the utilities, it's not hurting them. Sigh....again. Oh well...then I can catch a morning nap with my baby instead of hopin in the shower. :)

I can stop complaining now I guess. :) I have started to get really tired now, and yes, kinda touchy and irritable. It's hard to get the extra sleep I need, but I will survive, it's done all the time! :) On the other hand, I am excited to make a graduation cake today!! :) Chocolate...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Mothers Day...

The feelings of a mother are undescribable and are experienced when you sit with your child, skin to skin, wishing that time would stop and let you soak it in so deep you will feel that same exact moment forever and ever....

A mothers day is everyday. Hallmark just put a little spark in one extra day a year...a day where a mother with nothing cute to wear can get a Gap gift card just because... :)

After kind of a rough night (groan) we woke up to a clear sunny sky, and smiley baby boy. Logan made cinnamon rolls (Pillsbury of course, he's not THAT good) and nutty aromic coffee. :) It not only felt like mothers day, but Wife's Day (there such a thing? no, not valentines day...) because Logan changed a few diapers, and got Coy neatly dressed for meeting. Sigh, what a wonderful life! :)

After meeting, we stayed at Joan and Lyles for a very delicious Mothers Day dinner. The meal, prepared by Dorlene and Dorthy, was so very good..and the chocolate cheese cake with fresh strawberries was abslutely heavenly! We stay most Sundays, and we feel so at home!

I actually got out by myself today! Dorlene Cross, Leilani Price, Sierra and I went to the finale performance of the Missoula Symphony! The music was awesome...the pianist was absolutely NUTS up there! Nearly ran a marathon just sitting on the bench, and another on the keys! The definate downside to the whole thing was that the HEAT was on! WHAT? I know, right? I am not kidding when I say that it was 90 up on the balcony. I went thru 3 bottles of water, and about 2 living wills in my head, in case I died of heat stroke. Other than that..it was awesome :)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sunny Saturday

Coy now has a thing for taking off his socks while in his carseat. Guess HIS aren't the only ones he's taking off...

Playing on the sun! It's a hand-me-down play slide set from some friends. He's not in for the slides yet, but is always in for some peeking!

"Picking" flowers for Mommy...he actually tried to eat it. Ick!

We LOVE teething biscuits. Well..BEFORE the mess anyway..

Mmm, we LOVE morning cuddles :)

So, at 12 weeks pregnant, and I "showing" yet? Of course I am! I was "showing" even before I GOT pregnant! With Coy, I was all excited, taking pictures of my "belly" all the time, but I'm pretty sure we won't be doing that this time round. Coy marked my body (not complaining though), and it still "shows". There....i AM showing :)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Up, Up and

AWAY....pretty soon! After about 5 minutes of silence, I turned around to see this little monkey scoot about 2 feet over and pull himself up to the coffee table! He's got places to go all of a sudden...but usually doesn't know how to get there. He's gettin it figured out though...

Then tonight, Logan was laying on the floor on his side, with Coy sitting by his chest. Coy maneuvered himself to a standing position, facing Logan's back. Know what he does next? He reaches over, and PICKS LOGANS WALLET OUT OF HIS POCKET! Think we have a little problem here?

So...not sure if he really like his new hat or not...

Logan had his last actual "class" class tonight! He's got one left next week Tuesday, but it's the exam. Then...on Saturday (16th) is the graduation ceremony! Im really proud of him for doing this, and doing so well too! Pretty soon he'll have an official MBA! Who knew I married such a smart guy...;)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

And baby makes...

We are super excited to say that Coy is going to be a BIG brother!
At 11 weeks pregnant, our new little baby is the size of a plum (and just plum cute i'm sure) and learning swallowing reflex this week, and can actually "feel" when s/he touches.
It was so amazing the first time, and we are excited to start this journey again, but this time we get to include Coy! :)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Two Toofers

Despite getting teeth, here is a happy boy!

Soccor balls really make good pillows...:)
Last night Mom and Dad B were down, bringing the Farm to Market Pork trailer, stocked up for the first farmers market tomorrow! Eep....there go our Saturdays till October! :) I don't think that I will be spending as much time down there as I could the past few years....for some reason! Hmmm. :) Who knows though, Coy might love it in the trailer and seeing all the people!
They also took us out for supper to Cafe Dolce...which is good, but unique. We had some kind of pizza with........oh, i have NO idea what was on it....but it tasted a little better then it looked anyway. We finished with several flavored scoops of Gelati...mmm. It's always fun to see them, only if it's for a few hours! :)