Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The thing about tomorrow..

One truth about tomorrow is that it's going to be Feb. 19th...the day that our baby Reid turns ONE year old!

Another truth about tomorrow, is that deep in my heart, I don't want it to come!

Ok...so I had a whole post written about how I long for time to stand still, and I cried and cried...but I'll just pray this instead; to find the joy in these beings God has wonderfully and fearfully made in every day, and to be guided everyday as we live and teach them to love and fear Him.

*sniff, sniff. *wiping eyes. again. and again, again.*

Here's a peek at our last few weeks-

The greatest thing about a crazy holiday passing? Discount candy is wonderful for counting, Bentley thinks!

Our lovely Beth and the boys put on a Valentines Day party for mommy and a few friends! They made treats, passed out tea bags, gave us a sweet singing concert, and made a beautiful colorful candle holder. Love truly was the meaning of that little party :)

Uh oh! I got the picture in a text message from daddy while I was out in town....apparently these two (with or without help? I will never know..) discovered where the chocolate chips are kept.

Our new maps have caught and sucked in the attention of these boys! We can put starts where out family and friends live, and it's a good refresher for me too! Im embarrassed to admit that it was a surprise to me reading some of the state capitals again...

Sunday we took a trip to town to get elderberry syrup for kiddos with colds, and didn't pass up an opportunity to get a warm treat at Starbucks. Reid and sweet big brother Bentley shared a chair and giggled at eachother, while I swooned at them. <3 p="">

After a tense day at home all day (I know we all have those, right?!) I love that the kids still laugh and find silly things in everything. I wish I could be more like that as an adult, I feel I am always needing to take lessons from the small ones!

Oooooh, mister is super mobile and into mischief! One of his hot spots is up here where he can reach the blinking lights on our wireless box. So when the internet goes down...I know why :)

The awesome dad in this house made supper one Sunday evening. It's ironic they're making pigs in a blanket (full of ya know, not so good stuff!) right after I ranted about a kid in the car next to us in the parking lot dipping his donut in his ice cream cone. Haha! But, they were tasty to the kids, easy enough for them to help make, and a break from a planned meal that takes an hour to prepare! That hubby of mine rocks!

Did you know your local Lowe's store has kids workshops twice a month? Yeah, ours does too! The kids go get aprons, little hammers, a wood working kit, instructions and pound out a project! The cute kids all get pounding, and the parents get out their iPhones. They're just THAT cute working! What's best is their proud looks when they see they've made something cool!

What's better then carrying a teething-tired baby close to your heart? Not much...not much.

So, as I pick my heart back up off the ground (and wipe my eyes again) because I'm reminded as I typed below each picture how that even though time passes quickly, making the most of each day and stage is very fulfilling. I vow to love this day. And tomorrow, both 'especially' and 'even though' our baby turns a whole big year old.

Happy Tuesday, friends!