Sunday, May 13, 2012

First and foremost, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!
Especially to my mothers Laurie & Janette!!
Mothers who prove that their children are first in their hearts. Mothers who never forget a day to pray for the children. Mothers who will do anything for the sake of their children! I hope to be half the mother that my mom was to me!

From here on out, please excuse that pictures are severly out of order. Excuse any typos, my computer doesn't have the miraculos auto correct my iPhone does. Please excuse any sentences that just do not make any sense....both eyes and brain are currently fuzzy... :)

Last week Angela, a friend who used to work with Logan came over for some college senior pictures! It was such a fun photo shoot..she's so cute and country it's almost not fair! Pretty sure she's Coy's first crush....

Ariat action..

While shooting at the neighbors, Coy decided to get a little work done!

Yup, both boys and their first girlfriend! Lucky Angela! :)

But I mean c'mon, how cute are these little country boys? Mommy's crushing on them too!

This picture especially makes my heart near burst! That right there is a genuine smile from my little tow headed cowboy

And this guy? He's a little on the heavy side, but steals my heart again and again with every wide 2-toofed grin!

To tell you that the day of May 1 was awesome, is to say the least! Adrian & Anna welcomed their new baby, who came out a bright eyed, perfect little boy! Meet Orion Benigno Pheifer!
Anna called at 2:30 on that Tuesday morning, with a calm voice saying that they were heading into the birth center because she was having contractions. So I prepped a few bottles for Kase, readied the kids things to go up to Gramma Mary's for the day, and headed in! There I met A & A, Ella, Tessa & Jaci. Everyone was wide awake for it being 3:30 am with an anxious heart and excitement! However, labor didn't exactly go as planned, and I camped out with the girls most of the day, with a breakfast break, and lunch break up at Gramma Mary's. Mommy labored furiously, daddy was a sturdy arm and mental support to lean on, and girls waited so patiently, and finally at 7:48 pm, little Orion entered this world!
I have to say, this was by far one of the most amazing experiences in my life! Thank you so much again Adrian & Anna for inviting me to be a big part of your very special day! Not only is that documented on my camera, but in my heart! Your little family holds a very special place in our life!

I'm still sewing and selling diapers! Averaging 3 sales a week, it's just enough to keep my busy. And leave me wishing there were more hours in a day.

Logan has been working on a "little" landscaping project! It's almost done now, and i love it!

This was during the week in Missoula waiting for baby Orion. We loved spending extra time with these kids! Here, Tessa is loving up baby Kase. He usually doens' mind too much all the kisses and loves he gets from his girl cousins :)

Can you believe this little guy is mobile now? He's not actually crawling in the form that we usually picture one crawling,....but he's getting from point A to point B quite well. It's surprising where he ends up!

I am so happy and lucky to be the mother of these 3 little boys! They drive me the real 'crazy' crazy, and crazy in love!