Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bonner Park

This afternoon, Gramma Mooey (mary) met us at Bonner Park for an afternoon play date!

Friday, June 24, 2011

You're My Best Friend

Logan's been gone most of the week for business, and we've fared pretty well on our own...but today I learned a lesson I'll never let go of..

It's finally the end of the day, and I go to get the kids jammies on. Short story...Coy's poopy again. Not a big deal normally, but he'd wet, and messed 2 pairs of training pants, and 2 diapers today...and I've already thrown the diapers on the wash. I got upset. I change him, and while I'm taking care of the dirty insert, the boys start fighting over the blankets. Over the pillows. Over Snap, the stuffed alligator. And after a whole day of fighting, I am tired of it and I yell at them to just get in bed. Lights out. No story. End of day. I say a quick 'goodnight' and shut the door. Both kids keep screaming. I sit down on the couch and take a minute to calm my frazzled nerves, and then open the door back up again. Bentley's up at the end of his crib, waiting for me to pick him up, like he knew I'd be back in...we both needed the comfort.

Soon its me, Coy & Bentley laying sliently on Coy's twin bed with cars & trucks on the sheets. Coy took the pig covered pillow, and I get the Thomas the tank engine pillow. Bentley's cradled in my arms. We lay sound from anyone. I break the silence by telling Coy that I'm very sorry that I lost my patience with him, and my heart hurt. He ignored me, balled up under his John Deere blanket. That's ok, I know how he feels. We lay for a few more minutes. He starts shuffeling,... un-burying himself from his den of blankets and turns overn to face me. He puts him arm across my chest, then moves it up to my cheek, making me aware of my need to cut his fingernails. His oh-so-soft hands and gentle strokes soften my heart, and then whispering, he says "You're my best friend".

Tears stream down my face, wondering what I ever did to deserve a love like this...the unconditional love of a little child. So I lay, wet-faced, between two little boys, cry a prayer of thankfulness & say good night again. This time with a kiss.

And, I am counting...4 hours till Daddy pulls in!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Welcome Summer 2011!

Ahhh...first day of summer :)

We got out the mini-turtle pool, filled 'er up, stuck a toe in, and Bentley screamed it was too cold. Not enough summer yet maybe? It's supposed to be hot all week, so we'll have time to "warm up" to it!

So in the mean time....

we're reading with daddy,

and hanging out, being goofy :)

Don't you just looooove those dimples?

Logan is in Minnesota for the week, so we're surviving by ourselves :) Wish us luck, lol!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

25 Weeks

And because I probably wont post is my baby belly at 25 weeks.

Oofta, huh?

It's JUNE?

Not only is it JUNE, but it's already half over, too!! Wow!

Mom and Dad came out last week, and we LOVED our time with them! Unfortunately, my camera was not on my priority list as it should have been, so we have no pictures! :(  They came Sunday (the 5th) evening, and stayed through convention. Which...was absolutely wonderful, by the way :)

Then Uncle Ted came to the end of the weekend of Ronan, and became the center of Coy's little world. Everything is about "unka ted" most of the time now.

Coy & Bentley really miss their family! (we do too!!)

Today at the bank drive thru, Coy told me he needed to "find unka Ted". He also likes Ted because "he is nice to me", he says.

 Yesterday Coy was looking thru some photo albums and came across a picture of my Dad and said "That man is my friend!".

Tuesday morning (day after everyone left) Coy woke up in my bed and immedeatly asked where Grandma was!

We are counting the weeks until we get to see them again in August!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Logan had "Fun, fun, fun till Daddy took the tractor away..."

Haha :)

We were generously lent the tractor to get a lot of our dirty work done this spring, and the time has come, that our dirty is done. (Wait, it ever done?) But Logan really liked having a tractor to play with! Brought out the little boy in him again. :)

What did you do for Memorial Day?

In our tribe...Sunday night, Duane, Janette, Gramma Mary & Auntn Sandy came for supper...where we celebrated Sandy's "29th" birthday! :) On Monday, Coy & Bentley loaded up the tractor with Grandma & Grandpa, and then we went into town and ran some errands...bumming around more like. We had some friends over after supper for popcorn and games. So..all in all, it was a nice, relaxing weekend!