Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Got Milk?

Oh yes, plenty thanks! In fact, Coy sometimes chokes on it, and this morning it squirted out his little nose! Poor guy!

Reminds me if the time I spurted milk across the dinner table. But for mom's sake, we wont tell that story today!


Sunday, November 16, 2008

mommy and me

sorry for not posting lately..and apologize in advance for any typing errors, as im typing with one hand.
yesterday was coy's first griz game! :) and you;d be pleased to know carmen, that he must have been bored, he slept th whole time!
we've been keeping busy. me with coy, and logan with lots of school work and work, and coy with eating, napping, making dirty diapers and being happy (most of the time). he;s smiling more, and making little happy noises when he's just lookin around. and...he's still growing! his 2 month appt isn't till into december, but when i stepped on the scale and then added a little boy..i instantly gained 13 lbs! and at 6.5 weeks old, he's into a few 3-6 month clothes! eep! he is sure a sweetie though :)
we leave on friday for wisconsin!!! ican't wait to start packing, and making lists already :) so this week i have to get the car cleaned for the long trip, and make some snacks and extra bottles for the road! we're sooo excited to see grandpa and grandma, the great ones too, aunts and gettin more excited just writing about it!! :)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Smiley Saturday morning

This was our delightful son during blueberry pancakes this morning. They musta smelt good!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Our Sweet Baby Boy-

Just Chillin. He used to only take Soothie pacifiers, but lately has not been as picky. Good for us...since when he's screaming theres not always a soothie nearby.

This morning Coy smiled at daddy!! I of course didn't get a good picture of it...but here's the very end of a little smile :)

Here he is meeting cousin Paige. She loves him, and will make an excellant babysitter someday! It's so cute - after meeting she'll help Logan "carry" the car seat, but hanging onto the handle.
Ok, so he's now getting INTO sitting in the bathtub! He'll just sit there, lounging in the warm water, with the most content look on his face, not caring about politics! Maybe we should all take nice warm baths if this is the way it works! :)