Sunday, March 17, 2013

Reid Calhan's Birth Day Short Novel

3 weeks and 5 days ago, we welcomed REID CALHAN to our little family! Yes, our FOURTH BOY!

And quick, before I forget, here's a link to our NEW favorite place for quick updates, photos & videos! Bookmark it and watch our little guys grow!

The labor and delivery of this precious little man was by far the easiest of all!
On Tuesday Feb 19th 10:00am, I was 39w and 6d pregnant, and headed into my already-scheduled 40 week midwife appointment. I was having slight contractions that morning, about 8 minutes apart, but I was used to that because I had had those all throughout the last month. Logan zipped all the way down Reserve Street and met me there, for support and who knows, probably a break from the office ;)

We got caught up with our favorite midwives (Jeanne & Jenny), nurse (Paige) and office gal (Angela). Once examined, Jenny announces that Im at 5 cm and going to be having a baby today! WOW, what a nice surprise to us, since I was not feeling like i was in labor at all! We debated going out and buying myself a pillow, which was something that was on my to-do list for that day because I was alone - boys were at home with Grandma, who had come to stay with us for 2 weeks. However, since I was seeming to be going quick, our midwives gently discouraged it ;) Instead, we unloaded our birth bag (which i jokingly threw in the van before I left for my appt), got settled into the garage-turned-amazing birthing suite, and walked down the street to Safeway for a few snacks and Gatorade because we didn't know what the evening ahead of us would bring. Contractions picked up in the midst of our Safeway run (no worries, it was literally just a block away from the birth center), and by the time our bag was filled with almonds, grape gatorade, an apple and sandwich, it was difficult for me to walk thru contractions now coming every 3 or so minutes. But still, this was NOTHING compared to the previous 3 labors, and I was actually enjoying this time! Once back, we sat down again in the quiet room, kind of bored actually...which again, was SO different from the past 3. At about 1:45, Jeanne comes in and tells us she's thinking of going for a 45 minute run, but wants to check my progession because she does NOT want to miss the birth. (Again, no worries, Jenny was there too). So once checked, she comically announces, "Oh, I'm not going anywayhere! You're 8 cm dilated now!". Again, another shock! I was JUST starting to have to work thru these contractions! tor

So after laboring a few more minutes, nurse Jenna starts to fill up the tub, where we've decided to try laboring in just because it's way comfortable :) Laboring in there was fine, however I was discouraged from birthing in there because they felt the baby was a bit bigger and wanted to be able to get in good position to help, if need be. (which was needed! phew!) Once in the tub, labor picked up a bit harder while I worked on opening up those last 2 cm. At 2:56, my water broke with a bang, I started stepping out of the tub towards the bed but couldn't hold back my extremely strong urge to push. My body so gracefully and beautifully yet forcefully urged out baby into the world....right on the floor beside the tub! One tiny little arm was above the head, so thanks to the judgement of knowledgeable midwives, gentle assistance was needed, then a little encouragement to start breathing, and THEN at 3:01pm....


Cheers, joy, and love immedeatly exploded in the room! Its that euphoric feeling that can not be felt any other way that makes these memorable days SO amazing!

Then the next burst of excitement..........WHAT IS "IT"? Jenny cried "BOY" and to our amazement, we were so excited! Our 4th Braaten baby boy was here and we loved him so much already!

After a couple hours of resting, little tests and checking state, we buckled little Reid into his holstein print carseat and drove our newest member home! We drove up and our front door was already open with 2 big brothers dressed in jammies, asking if we brought the baby with us. New baby Reid was accepted immeadetly into the Braaten Brotherhood, and well......the rest is both history, and yet to be written! <3 p="">