Wednesday, December 14, 2011

These days find me very very busy. Not accomplishing much to be prove that I actually haven't been lazy....but just busy mothering!

Here is Coy, our intellectual...working on a crayon dry-erase workbook from Auntie Lindsay & Uncle Kelvin. They are awesome! Thanks guys! Especially good for during meeting :)

But seriously..i do mean intellectual! My brain smiles to think of just how bright he is and where it will take him someday!
But ask him a question that his bright little mind knows?? He smiles goofy, and says "uhhhh" in a clown voice. Groan.

Here is our special little Kase-Kase.  He is now 11.5 weeks old! Wow, huh? He is awake and alert more, which is fun, but means he also is needing more and more attention! If he's not being held or talked to, you can bet he is in protest for some love!

We have never actually seen the movie, but these boys are in LOVE with CARS! Coy is usually carrying, or in search of "IcQueen". Bentleys favorite? MATOR! (my fave guy too) Grandma Braaten got the kids some cars legos, and they are one of their most played with toys. :)

Bentley is seeming bigger and bigger everyday. Logan often comments on the size of his hands. Meaning he may be a big guy someday? We always joke that Coy will be the scholar, and Bentley will be the jock. Kase? Don't know yet. Hopefully not the geek ;)

He said his first perfect, whole sentence the other day over dessert...." I like apple pie" :D

Benters has been quite cranky lately too :( He has been just gnawing on his pacifiers, which I presume is for comfort of new molars, which is the reason for the baltic amber teething necklace. But anyway, since the gnawing on the paci's, they have been ripping, and have had to throw them away. He's extra sad about that, but I guess it means it's time to start coping without a paci!

I just love watching daddy with his boys. They spend alllllll day with mommy, and are glad to have daddy walk thru the door in the evening. Someone who will get down on the floor and horse play with them. Someoneo who will be the buckin horse for them, and chase the rodeo clown. Yes, it's true...everynight we have a rodeo performance in our living room. Tickets are free!

Kase loves to talk! He's telling daddy here that he can't wait to ride the buckin horse too someday!

Saturday was project clean-the-fridge day. Logan is awesome at that...specially if he gets to watch a football game while working :D Too bad the Bobcats got spanked...otherwise he might have had a adrenelin rush and cleaned the cupboards too! Haha :)

Kase being entertained for a few short minutes, is a wonderful thing! He's started grabbing at these toys on his swing. Of course, it surprises him when his little hand actually gets ahold of something. Then, if it's something that makes noise? He'll jump, stick out his lower lip, and start wimpering. He'll get the hang of it....soon hopefully!
In a seperate picture where he's sitting there in the swing, I think he looks like Grandpa Pheifer :)

So....roley poley has gotten on the treadmill again! We talked about getting a gym membership, and me going certain days of the week after supper...and Logan would make SURE that I would go. However, i KNOW that will not any mom of an infant, and small toddlers knows. There's just too many variables to ever have a set schedule. So, I decided that I would take those times and use the tradmill that I begged for last year.

Other then wanting to shed pregnancy weight (X 3), I want to feel good too.

My inspiration?? Mariah Baseman. She's got the determination and will power that I want! Thanks girl!

I dream of just getting out there and running, running, running like I used to do 8 years ago.I would just put on my shoes and run down to the lake, like it was nothing. Nothing but air under my feet. Someday :)

Thursday, December 1, 2011