Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I know.....another diaper post ;)

Do you cloth diaper, know someone who does, or thought about and wanna give it a shot? Now's your chance!

Click on the picture below and enter your name to WIN a Lorax cloth diaper in honor of Earth Day!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

LIKE, wow!

I am surprised at my techy-ness...I just added a LIKE button to my website! And I didn't even have to bug my husband at work to help me!

So, now you can LIKE it.....if you'd like ;) (Pun obviously intended)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Where we are today..

Here are the boys today.
Kase - just turned 6 months, 18.5 lbs, has one tooth, kept us up for what seemed like hours last night, grins and giggles probably an equal number of hours during the day. :)

Bentley - has found his voice, talking more and cuter then any other toddler I've heard, says "white dare" at anything we might be looking for, insists on wearing a winter baby hat dispite the temp being a warm 65!

Coy - 3.5 years old and mommy's still trying to potty train....argh, just as unhappy with me as i am with im in the pic for not taking the time to realize he had to go to the bathroom, tells me that when i grow up i should be a princess, in love with his baby brother and claims him as his best friend.

And mommy? Click the logo above to take you to my cloth diaper website! I've been sewing and selling them on Etsy! I've been getting sales, so that's good ;) But that just means that I need to sew more, which Im having a hard time finding time and energy to do!

Daddy? Oh, he's handsome as usual, hard working as usual, and the best daddy and usual :)

Our hearts have been heavy and full of so many emotions lately, but I am soooo glad for the faithfulness of God and for the love of our FAMILY! The two go together like pie and ice cream.