Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Georgetown Lake

Last weekend we took a little camping trip with Duane & Janette up to Georgetown Lake. GORGEOUS country! So we spent a few days by the campfire, watching the kids on their striders, and just enjoying eachothers company! Here are a few pictures to share. We really only got the camera out when at the lake, so that's about all you'll get to see. Maybe a few other iPhone pictures :)

Kase - not sure what to think of either the life vest or being rocked to sleep by the passing boats.

3 little men, floating out to sea! (not really, they were attatched)

Daddy/baby cuddles :)

Star gazing.

Mommy and 2 of her sweet boys!

And the best part...the part they started talking about as soon as they woke up in the morning, but had to wait oh-so-patiently for ALLL day long...S'MORES!

I really don't deserve this guy, but so glad he loves me anyway! ;)

We got to see Uncle Chase & Auntie Sarah for a couple hours! We were only 2 hours apart, since they were in Bozeman for a wedding, and us at Georgetown lake...so we met in the middle in Butte! A cold treat in the park and a pizza supper was just enough time to say hi and bye, and remind me how much we MISS THEM!

On the way home, we hit the candy store in Philipsburg and hauled off with some super sweet treats!

And we ended the awesome weekend with a blown wheel bearing on the camper on the way home. What would vacation be without a little complication? :)
And now I'm so sorry that we didn't get more pictures with Grandma & Papa, since they were a HUGE part of the weekend! Maybe I'll sneak one off Logan's phone later tonight :)

Last week I turned TWENTY FIVE! A quarter century old! I'm definately feeling my age now....sore back, sciatic nerve, headaches.....Oh wait....that's just pregnancy! We're 14 weeks now! And so hoping the rest goes by really fast and painless. The body sags and droops, and moans and groans when you're pregnant with the 4th baby in just under 4 years! :0)

Have a good week!!