Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cow Ropers

See the green puppy ball thing in front of Coy's face? Well he deliberately took a swing at it today. What the puppy did to him? Who know!

Here are Coy's first pair of little Ropers! He apparently thinks they're interesting...he stared at them for quite a while.

Poor Logan, tonight I made a casserole with pretty much everything he doesn't like in it. Mushrooms...rice...almonds....coulda topped it off with a tomoato too I guess! But he liked it anyway...or so he says :)


Carmen said...

I do that to my husband too sometimes. :) He always eats it and never complains. Cute little ropers on Coy. He keeps growing.

Lindsay said...

poor logan... if i make broccoli i put at least two bites on his plate and he'll usually eat it, even though he "hates" it. love the ropers and coy's expression as he's checking them out- too funny! miss you guys- luv you!

Ellen said...

Logan doesn't like rice? At least he's a gracious husband - Josh always eats it, but then asks "Can we not have this again?" Really, I just think a home cooked meal makes them happy :-)

Coy is such a cutie pie . . . Quiana is talking about how excited she is to see hime (so are the rest of us).

The Parsons Family said...

Coy is growing so fast - and, of course, very "handsome". Would love to see you guys when you are in WI in Feb. I know your time is probably short and busy, but maybe we could sneak up to see you.
Aunt Elaine

Mariah said...

what a sweetie... both your boys.. :)