Saturday, June 27, 2009

New Home...

Well here it is...our new little place in Clinton! With tremendously appreciated help from Adrian and Anna, most of the "big" stuff is in! Our Speedway home is looking kinda empty now, which is sad, but it's given us a few great years. Then Joan and Lyle kindly brought over supper, which was yummy and just plain wonderful because we didn't have anything, and can't make anything until the power comes on. Tomorrow Mom and Dad B and two of Logan's "cousins" are coming to help with the piano (i have nightmares about moving that thing...), couch, and the last bed in the house! Also, Sarah is flying in tomorrow too, to help with finishing up moving, cleaning, and to see Coy! Im excited...hope to get a much needed girls night out in there too! :)

Coy's new trick... pulling himself up to a stand on absolutely everything! The other day I had set him to play in his crib while I cleaned out his closet, and I turned around to a happily squeeling boy STANDING at the railing! Then he pulled himself up at the coffee table (and destroying everything on top of it..ha), and now whatever he can get his hands on. Uh Oh...

P.S. happy birthday to an awesome, fun , loving cousin...Brenda! :)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Big Day

Well, today we started moving! We have until the 30th, but seems that we will NEVER get everything out! Auntie Mary helped wipe out cabinets (there are more in that place then in my kitcneh...didn't know that was possible!) and the bathrooms. We moved what was in the horse trailer into the house, and now we have more boxes to do the same tomorrow! Phew! What does Coy think of it? Who knows, but the carpet (which is way different from our wood floors..) left rug burns on his chubby little knees! He doesn't seem to anyway!

We have a snorting nose crinkler! It's his "I am so goofy" laugh...

He LOVE playing with tractors and trucks! He's truly his daddy's son!

Oh, and Gramma Mary taught him how to CLAP! He was so proud of himself! Of course we were too...dont we have the cutest kid? (As says every parent..hehe)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Some update..

Now that I have a little time (self-made time..), I am going to update. It's been a couple long weeks, so I will try to remember everything...
First was Ronan convention. It was nice, but totally different with a baby. Kind of stressful for us, but Im sure Coy was just like anyother baby at convention. Mom was here, which was so wonderful! She helped with Coy during convention, and then stayed afterwards.

And I am SOOO glad that she stayed, because I got really sick Monday night. I really thought I was going to die, but I felt better with mom there, holding my hair back like I was 10 again. Logan got a little spit of it too, but was able to bounce back faster. While I lay in bed, Mom entertained Coy, and started cleaning out cabinets!

And now here's the BIG news...our HOUSE SOLD!! So in the 11 days from finding out until closing, I am madly packing, cleaning, and trying to get enough rest for me, baby, and Coy. We found a little place out in Clinton (15-ish miles east of Missoula) that we can start moving into tomorrow. It's a 3 bedroom, 2 bath house, with a huge yard (that we don't have to mow! yay!) and is far enough from town for a little peace and quiet.
And the chickens? We gave them to Joan and Lyle. Loading the coop was a HUGE battle, but after we got there and unloaded it, the fresh homemade rhubarb pie didn't make it seem so bad :)

And more big news..COY IS CRAWLING! He took a couple "steps" crawling last week, a few more the next day, and now he's on the go. Of course when you're not looking most of the time. Last night unloading the coop, Coy sat in the grass about 10 feet away from where we set the feeder (yes, with chicken feed in it). We turned around just in time, to see his chubby arms sitting at the feeder, with a fistfull of food. Ick, good thing we caught him. My son is not a chicken, and wont be eating chicken food.
He's having trouble sleeping again...maybe it's teeth, maybe it's his new-found activity and energy taking over his brain, but I feel like I have a newborn again. Hopefully it gets better, i have been loving my sleep :)

Back to packing now...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's been a while..

but we are still here!
We were at Ronan, then sick, and now packing our house! I'll post more sometime when I actually have more here are a few pictures to tie you over until then.. :)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Special Graduation...

Congratulations Sarah Lynn

Class of 2009

I have a very special baby sister who graduated today! I am very proud of you, Sarah, for being the very best that you can be, and for making everyone else you love feel their best too. I am not who I am without you, not only because you're my sister, but because you're my friend. Days in the apple tree, and on the lake run through my head often because they make me smile. And you make the world smile too, with your beauty and kindness.

Best of luck! We have your back....

Mwahaha, watch out world!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Waves for Mommy

We went up to "Gramma" Mary's to help move some wood, and got to have fun on the 4wheeler! It was Coy's first ride, and I think he liked it...he didn't cry at least!

He tried steak....just a little taste of course. Hes not too picky when it comes to eating (except for the spaghetti i made tonight that he didn't want...). He usually eats anything and everything...except oddly watermelon sometimes. I have NEVER met a child who didn't like watermelon...weird.

Coy is all cultured and high class now...loving NY :) Auntie Sarah got him this cute onsie when she went to NYC for choir cometition.
Th new thing around here is WAVING. He rarely waves at people unless it's mommy or daddy, but the grass, towel, toys, air feels loved im sure because thats all he waves at. He waves really silly and makes us laugh. Of course when he sees it's a good thing, he is pretty proud of himself for waving too. :)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hiking Blue Mtn.

This has been happening when I try to change him...argh. Zoom... (NO, this little rump is not what I was referring to when I say Blue Mtn..haha)

Does he look like he's getting into mischeif? :)

Sierra McClain and I went hiking up Blue Mountain yesterday morning. Luckily, it wasn't hot, but it WAS really really windy! The first 1/4 mile of the trail is really "vigerous" (to us anyway) but then the rest of it was nice and a slow steady incline. I had Coy on my back in a carrier from Ste & Sarah, which worked out really nice. He was so good for most of the way. He started getting fussy on the way home, as the wind was directly in our faces then. We were hiking for a little over an hour and a half i'd say...and it felt sooo good! Of course not this morning when my legs nearly collapsed when I got outta bed.....
I know, im a wus...haha

Monday, June 1, 2009

First off, here's my new "toy"! I new diaper bag!! (yes, when you're a mommy, new things such as these are super exciting...) It was quite spendy, but it's really nice and will hopefully last long after new little baby is here too! Plus, part of its proceeds went to support cervical cancer. There, I can totally justify this nice purchase :)

When I go to get Coy in the mornings, or from his nap, he's sitting up, just waiting for me with a big smile! It's cute, but frusterating when he's supposed to be sleeping, but up playing with stings instead...
We also had to lower the mattress tonight, afraid that one of these days he's gonna topple over the railing when he pulls himself up. Such a big boy...

I know, such a mean mommy...but he's pretty darn cute even when he's pouting/crying! He's got huge alligator tears though, that force you to pick him up and cuddlle him right away.

He's getting into EVERYTHING these days! (hence the mess behind him that you can see a little bit of) So, after trying more times then one to get something done and getting interuppted, we found a safe place for him! hehe. I really dont stick my baby in a clothes basket all day, but it did work for a few minutes. Plus, it seems he really likes it! :)
Realizing that I don't have many months left for just Coy to have mommy all to himself, I find myself just soaking up all the cuddles I can get. I love holding him after he falls asleep...I don't want to let him go!
For a little update on his sleeping: he's sleeping ALL NIGHT! :) After 6 months of hardly any sleep, it's about time! It was really hard for me (and him), but we started giving him formula just before he goes to sleep, because it seems to keep him fuller longer. And lo and behold...there aren't very many nights when we wake up to a hungry, crying baby! It feels soo good!
8 more days until mom flies out here!! She flies in at 11:30 at night, and then the next days is Ronan convention! I can't wait to be with MY mommy again! And to be in a much needed convention! It's going to be a great, but super busy month! I can't believe its JUNE already...