Monday, January 19, 2009

things i love about this monday morning...

  • -its a little after 11, and i already have been out of the shower for at least an hour, and dressed
  • -i woke up this morning to coy sucking on my elbow. and since he wasn't getting anything from it, i figured i'd wake up and feed him. he was happy :)
  • -coy was patient while i miserably lifted a few weights. he laughed at me too...stinker!
  • -i could hear my sweet nephew cole laughing in the background. and we thought about madison a lot!
  • -i have made peace with the crappy hair trim that i got from an old man in a "salon" who had parkinsons, and smelled strongly of tobacco. *shudder*. i'll wait till it grows out to get it redone. till then, you wont see me with my hair down.
  • -im going to try to go to the gym today again, while coy's napping with koldens. that will make me feel good :)


Ellen said...

I like the happy comments - and there is nothing like a little time for yourself at the gym. I settled for the morning walk/run in the cool brisk morning today. I'm glad it's a good day . . . Trapper loves Coy's video (we all do).

Lindsay said...

your son laughs at you when you're miserable toom, huh? must be a little boy thing... although i was telling kelvin how bad my boobs hurt and madison grinned, so maybe it's just a kid thing... ;) and we love the video too- what a cutie pie!!