Saturday, September 29, 2012

Our Boys 2012

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE fall! Part of fall here is taking the boys' pictures!
Here is last years....
And this years!
This is not the final picture...just the best that I could get today without Logan helping me. It's really amazing how much they grow in 365 days! Well this year was leap year, with 366 was probably that one extra day that made the differance....? ;)
Happy Fall! <3 p="p">

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A One Year Old

Today, our baby (the baby for now) turns one year old! When looking back on a year past, most of us say "wow, that went fast!". But seriously, I have NO idea how the days, weeks, months passed to quickly! I'm reminiscing (yes, with tears in my eyes. no, make that on my cheek!) of the day that our little Kasey-poo was born...the day that he met his mommy and daddy face to face, and the brothers he will grow up with. The overwhelming feeling of love and joy that this little guy has brought us this year will stay with us forever! I hope...especially when he's a sassy teenager... ;)
We celebrated his 1st birthday on Saturday with Grandma & Papa, close friends & neighbors.
The theme was "Down on the Farm" and turned out to be really cute!
The lil farmer at his feeding station.

For next years birthdays we will need a bigger "big kid" table!

Kase sat so happy up on the table getting pictures taken! He was pleased with the attention and most DEFinately even MORE pleased to have a front row spot by the cake :)

Here is Kase and Sierra Williams, born one day apart! We got to her sweet little princess party the next day.

As an appatizer before the cake, he enjoyed a little piggy cake pop! Nearly too cute to eat, not that he cared what it looked like ;)

All the kiddos burned off a few calories and made room for cake!

THE cake. Now I realize it's far from perfect, but it tasted like a real cake...nice and sweet! I had big plans with this sugar baby, but when it comes down to actually decorating hands don't conjure with my brain and Pinterest boards apparently.

There's no denying this boy got his cake and ate it too! The nexy day, his diaper looked this green too. I'm sure it will stain his cloth diaper...but it'll be a happy stain :)

We drank chocolate or strawberry milk and lemonade out of mason jars. Pretty "down on the farm", don'tchya think?

Partys over...can you tell? He was so pleasant the whole time though!

And now one week from today...this big guy turns FOUR! Now don't ask me where the last 4 years went...I WILL cry you a river!

Up close of the cake pops! They were so yummy and turned out pretty cute! SOOOOO many thanks to my AWESOME friend OLGA for taking the time to come down to do a trial run last week. Of course we all ate those before the party...and got to re-do these! She made all the cow and pig parts, and chicken beaks out of fondant so they were all ready to stick on. They were a hit!

And what would a little boy be without a new tractor after a successful birthday? He's sportin his new Case tractor in half of his Sunday best. You would never know it's actually HIS seems to be claimed by his brothers instead.
Today Logan had to go up to Polson for a board meeting, where they'll party like old famers do at board meetings, and stay overnight at the resort there. His awesome boss reserved a room with a few more beds so we could join him as well on this special day! So after a bit we will head up there where Logan will awesomely skip out on the Flathead Lake drink-n-cruise (no, that's not what they really call it..) to go swimming with our boys who are super excited for a little trip!