Saturday, November 20, 2010


Here is our little Bentley Armour,
just a seemingly-really-short
365 days ago...

And here he is today,
365 days old.

He is now jabbering, when it seems he was just yesterday grunting in his sleep.
He's crawling, when it seems he was just sleeping in my arms.
He's eating "big" food, when it seems he was just nursing 8 times a day.
We cheered at some first steps today, when it seems like just yesterday we were laying still by his side...waiting for him to smile during a toot. And we quietly cheered him on then too :)

And below, is the daddy, mommy and brother then looooove this little 1 year old sooo much!
Big brother was saying "appy boo-tee babie" all day long. And I mean
He even shouted it out loud during a tantrum!



Monday, November 8, 2010

Take THIS, Math!

FOUR - number of times I got up with the boys last night
FOUR - time that Coy was up, and ready to go (somehow got him back to sleep after like an hour though)
ZERO - timeouts. WOW!
FIVE AND A HALF - minutes my shower lasted
TWO - pieces of chocolate it took to make me feel good
FORTY - minutes desired on treadmill
ZERO - actual minutes
ONE - new cow book, to satisfy a young mind
THREE - days till Logan gets home from a business trip

UNCALCULATED - # of deep breaths...

TWO - how many dimples it takes to make me smile
ONE + THREE - one "coys sowee mama", and three wet kissed makes me glad im a mommy :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

I Will Take The Fall

"The old earth is changing;
The seasons turn round.
The autumn leaves flutter
Their way to the ground.

My own world is changing
The seasons conspire
To grant me the peace
Of a rest by the fire"



Happy Birthday Naomi!
It's your special day today, Nimi Lee! Happy Birthday to the bestest friend a gal could ask for. I love your (our dry) humor, your persistance, your courage, and your heart that is so generous. Have a super fantastic day, and maybe you'll get to the warm sunny FL beach today?! :) I LOVE YOU!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

 Yesterday, our neighbor Jerrian, and her granddaughter Cameron rode their horses over to intive us to play in the leaves with them! I couldn't resist, since Coy and Bentley have never played in the leaves before...we've never had many leaves! Coy was completely confused, but eventually warmed up to the idea of covering mom and Jerrian with leaves. But it was "No Cover Pease!" when we wanted to pile them on him :)

I LOVE fall!

I took some more pictures of the boys today outside...and I'll post them as soon as I find my card reader! It bugs me soo's always been in the way, until NOW, when I NEED it! Just call me super organized...ha

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fall Fun with the Zebra & Tiger

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We've been enjoying the cool weather with the warm sun. Makes me want to sit and sip a pumpkin spice latte! :) MMmm.

Sunday evening we went to Colemans and had a little Halloween party! We bobbed for apples, swung at a ghost piniata, and played Spoons! It was so fun, and it felt great to just relax, laugh and chit chat!

I know I haven't posted in a while and I'm sorry. I don't know how these popular mommy bloggers with 6 kids find time to sit and make 2 posts a day, sit and photoshop pictures, and dress their kids all cute and perfect...everyday!! Sigh. Maybe they have secret nannies they hide while they spend hours blogging...

It's hard to believe that Bentley will be ONE in less then 3 weeks!!