Sunday, September 30, 2007

Beautiful Weekend

What a WONDERFUL fall weekend! This is the most beautiful time of year...and makes your days all the more beautiful!

(Fall tree on Speedway)

Friday night we had dinner with Dad B & Durk at Nine Pipes. During Saturday market, Aunt Mary and I went to the Griz homecoming parade...and GO GRIZ! After a LONG lazy afternoon nap, we finished painting the kitchen....and....TAAA DAAA! This is the 2nd colour we picked hopefully we'll be satisfied with it!!

Today we babysat a friends little 4 monthe old, Preston. Such a bright and happy baby. Im pretty sure we had MUCH more fun then HE did :D

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Timberline Farm Fun

Visitingi Naomi @ UWOshkosh...just like old time :D

Picking Apples....and Corn with Mom and Dad

Becca Lake

Dad took off work Wednesday, and we had a Father-Daughter breakfast of pancakes and bacon, then went four-wheelin in the woods. Wow....I can't believe what I'm missin out here! haha.

Monday morning Logan and I went to the lake, and went canoeing. That's a real bonding experience....;)

Marion Convention

Krisher Family picture...with additions


First Days In Wisconsin....

My First Meeting Cole
Great Grandma's with Cole
Snuggling with Cole

Monday, September 17, 2007

Finally in Wisconsin

I flew in Saturday night, and came back to Mom and Dads to a tiny baby, and two sisters sitting up waiting! Grandpa and Grandma Pheifer, Grandma Krisher, and Mary and Dale came for turkey dinner, and we laughed, and all caught up the whole afternoon. Sunday night I drove to Oshkosh, and spent the night with Naomi. Today us Krisher/Brotzman/Braaten girls went shopping...and we were all quite successful! Nothin quite like new clothes for convention! :D

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Summer 2007 In One Post

Just wanted to share photos from the summer! Includes some from my Rocky Mountain School of Photography portfolio, Ellen's visit, our new house...etc (not necessarily in order...)

Mom in Kalispell, my studio shot of Erin

Emma & horse

New House

Picnic at Harpers Lake with Aunt Mary

Tess Jane & Ella Rose at Grant-Kohrs Ranch

Logan & Huxle, Spraying Rock Creek fire

Mom, Dad & Sarah Hiking Marshall Mnt. , Huxley & Sarah

Huxley Otto

Quiana Paige

Braaten Cousins , Beautiful Sarah


CONNER SIGNED "OPEN" this morning!!!!

From my reading chair, Conner took me by the hand, and led me upstairs to his room, and handed me a tube of poker chips. (We need to sometimes make things a little more difficult so that he FINDS a way to communicate...). I sat on the floor, with the tube in my lap. He took my hands, and put them ON the tube. So I started saying, and signing "open". I did it several times, and then did it with HIS hands. Finally...he smiles, and signs "open"! :D

We have also been working more on signing "more". He used to do it all the time, but then just starting verbalizing it, rather then signing it. Satisfied with that, his parents stoped doing it. Now he does neither. But....we're working on it again!

An IN home speech therapist comes every Tuesday...and it's nice to have her see what I can do to help more.

Hopefully we can get him communicating more so that he doesn't get to frusterated! Us either!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

For those who don't know what I do for a living, (well half a living) I nanny for a family with two kids. This here is Conner, two years old, and autistic. It's super difficult to deal with him, since they can't communicate, and think/act like the usual two year old.'s also super rewarding when all he wants to do is cuddle :D He's using more eye contact with me now...which is an awesome step! He still throws a lot of fits, but again...i'm not getting bit anymore! We like to run around the counter, jump on the trampoline holding hands, watch Spongebob, play on the train at the mall, and just throw tiny marbles down a chute that we make ourselves.
Then there's Jessie (i'll get a picture later) whos 7 and as sweet as can be! Today she started first grade...and was estatic this morning! Although she was VERY worn out when we picked her up at the bus stop. They "had hot dogs for lunch today, and watched a shapes and colors movie". Wow....wish I was in first grade again...;) Jess is a really big help with Conner, and has an imagination that makes up for my non-imaginative old brain!
I came to this job thinking....well...not sure what I was thinking. haha At about 10 nearly every morning...I wonder what on earth im doin...but like I said...i KNOW exactly what I'm doin when we all can connect with eachother. Plus day. ;)