Friday, January 9, 2009

Whats that smell.....?

Thanks for the anniversary wishes! We had a wonderful dinner, and came home to a happy little boy, which makes mommy feel good! Oh, and Logan got me roses :)

So, as if I don't already have a reason to be kept up at night...a mysterious smell kept me up longer. I woke up to nurse Coy, and I smelt something a way over-heated hair salon. I woke up Logan, asking him what it was. So...I got paranoid, thinking that it was something halfway hazardous. Logan searched the house, and around the house, and found nothing. Initially he thought it was the girls in our rental downstairs self-cleaning the oven...but this was at 2 am. After much comtemplating and fretting, Logan went down and knocked on their door...only to find out that THEY WERE PAINTING THEIR NAILS!!! How the smell got so powerful and raunchy, and filled the entire house, 2 floors up?...we have NO idea. At least we then had a peace of mind (but not yet peace of smell) and went back to sleep. This morning the smell was gone.


NanaK said...

What a beautiful picture of you and Coy!!! Glad you got the mysterious odor figured out!!! :)

Janette said...

Logan didn't get you a vacuum cleaner???.....well it looks as if your marriage will survive another year then. Give Coy a squeeze for me....we love the pictures you gave us!!! MOM B