Sunday, January 4, 2009

3 Months Old!

COY is 3 months old now! He's grabbing everything...cereal bowls(messy), some toys(he's so smart), and hair(ouch). He's super smiley for mommy and daddy, and he even laughed today!! Cody Coleman was being silly for Coy after meeting, and he had a grin the size of Texas and chuckled! It was super cute! It's so fun watching him grow, and do different things for the first time. Lets just hope he doesn't grow toooo fast!

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Lindsay said...

i just have to say- i have the cutest nephew ever! i think i may have mentioned that before, but anyway, i can just picture him reaching for stuff... at least he can't do too much damage yet (like his cousin)! miss you guys- can't wait to see you!! :)