Wednesday, September 29, 2010

i am being taught

I have very mixed feelings about Coy turning 2 years old in three days. I keep saying "I cant believe it", but in all honesty, I really can believe it! Sadly. Fall is my favorite season most definately, but now that I have's not just for the colors, cool weather, and pumpkin pie. Each time I've been pregnant, the wonderful experience I've experienced took place in the fall. I can vividlyl remember the smells, the cool air with warm sun, the sweet smell and soft tustle of the changing leaves. With those senses, I remember the kicking, rolling, hiccups of the babes inside me...the wondering, who is this little person? I remember feeling the fall sun on my face as I eagerly waited for contractions to start or my water to break, two years ago this week.  I remember distinctly the leaves we walked thru while pushing Coy in the stroller down Mullan Rd. in Clinton while timing contractions the day Bentley was born.

13 months apart?? holy cow!!

thats the reaction i get most when poeple ask how far apart the boys are in age. nthe comes, "how do you do it?" With patience, lots of patience! Being a frequently-needed-mommy to two little ones definately  requires pateince. It's calmed me down too. When Coy was a baby, I easily got upset when he was crying a lot, or when he wasn't taking his scheduled nap. I would groan and sigh heavily when I had to take him in and out of his carseat to run errands in town in the snow or rain. When we found out we were pregnant with Bentley when Coy was just 4 months old, I was excited, but super overwhelmed! The one baby that I had, had me strung out and I couldn't imagine another one!!

but i've learned balance. i've learned to multi-task. to take a deep breath. that it's ok that he's crying, it won't hurt him for a few minutes while I clean coy up from lunch. and right now?...i'm swaying, bouncin, eating, typing (and thinking) all at the same time. (wow, thinking?? i know) Bentley sits cozy in the moby wrap (in a new position i've created so that I can move my chin without hitting the head of my very long 10 month old) almost asleep because he's not falling asleep on his own today. i'm eating lunch at 2 oclock because we had story hour, coy took  40 minutes to eat a single bowl of spaghetti, then and i had to read 5 books to coy so he too, would fall asleep. that's my day. my normal day, that i love to greeat every morning now. (as long as it's not before 8 am...haha)

You bet I still get upset and frusterated, but when I remember to keep peacefull and take the day as it comes, I find I'm still happy at the close of day. When Coy was small, there were many days where I wished the day would hurry up and end because I was so tired, and now I'm kind of sad to think of how many day's I've lost saying that. I've stopped growling (most of the time) when I still get up with Bentley at least once a night. Time passes so fast. Too fast for me to be so uptight. So I embrace the challenges of each day, and delight in my babies, while they are still babies.

Of course, somedays i chew up and gag on my philosophy...but ya know....

LOVE TODAY!!...this is what my babies have taught me.

Monday, September 27, 2010

It being fall and all (except for this week of 80 degrees), nothing felt more right then baking an apple pie! I have tremendous help here, as you can see. It's the little cowboy who does it all, including baking! But, hold off little ladies! Even though he's cute, athletic AND domestic...he's all mommy's!
Here's the end result. Mmmmm. We had it fresh and warm Saturday evening, and have been slowly munchin on it since then. This morning, Logan texted, asking if I had apple pie for breakfast! NOW, WHO would eat such a thing for BREAKFAST??
Me, of course ;)
Just a lil piece...
Tiny piece.
With no ice cream.

No need to get your grunders in a bundle, daddy...he's just playing! Quite the imagination he's got too...heels, shopping bag, cell phone...! I said, he's all mine, girls! In case you were fighting over him... lol.

Now, here's the real boy in him! Him and daddy were workin hard to pull up posts in the yard, and settled on the tail gate for supper.

 Just call Benters "creepy crawler". "Crawler" for the obvious reason, but "creepy" because it IS creepy how he knows just what to get into that will push my buttons, and knows just what to head to after I have just picked up his last mess.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

and now, i will brush his teeth

i attemped to take the boys pictures at a friends ranch today.

total disaster.

coy was a rash 2 year old and just about turned him loose with the cows.

my camera bag fell off the log it was sitting on, and got dung in it.

and, this was the last picture i took.

yes, that there, in bentleys little clean fingers, is what you think it is.
if i werent scrambling over there, the face he made after he tasted it was pretty funny too.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

there are no words...

bonfire out in the sticks

It's pretty rare that i post things on the exact day that they happen, but Im set down at the table, and while it's still fresh in my it is!!

My little cowboy loves to ride his horse. First thing in the morning, he'll run out to his horse (not before he's got his hat though) and ride him. He must dream about them. And about bull riding. He plays "jump cows" first thing too. If he doesn't outgrow it, him and his cousin Trapper will have to circuit together.

Logan got a new Craftsman lawn tractor last week, and now got a trailer to go with it. For some reason, this whole assembly thing had to take place in our living room. Of all places.
I have been complaining that I "need" a new coffee table. So, what sweet, and practical husband wouldn't get his wife one?? I totally was not thinking red, and wheels though ;)

Tonight was a wonderful, perfect night! Hugh, Carmen and the kids came for a visit!! We grilled hamburgers for supper and the kids, though scattered throughout the yard, played together.
Then Trenton made us a wonderful bonfire!!

Kadyn does not like her marshmellows burnt!
 Uh-oh! But the kids decided that we could turn off all the lights and use them as torches though. What a great, inventive idea! However, certainly not in my house!!

 I think that our little blanket-stationed bug could really end up liking bonfires! He quickly bonded with Auntie Carmen, once she became keeper of the graham crackers.

* I said before that I'm sitting at the table. Alone. My lap, and other parts, momentarily all to myself.
That's because daddy's in reading bed time books to the boys. I was expecting to hear about how "dizzy mixes and rolly rolls", but I am faintly hearing about Mr.Wetherbee grumbeling about something. I like that Coy picked an Archie comic for a book. And I love that Logan didn't hesitate to read it.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

little boy stuff

Bentley just wants to let you all know,

that even though he's pretty scrawny,

he can still do


Can you do that for more then 20 seconds? Yeah, me neither :)
This is his "im gettin ready to launch someday" pose. Someday.

Today we went to play on the train at the mall with my friend, Kristie, and her son, Preston. While they were waiting for us to get there, Preston was looking all around, saying "Where's Coy? Where's my Coy?" They're so cute together, a year apart, and good buddies! :)

We went to story hour on Wednesday and the letter of the day was "A". We read books about airplanes, then afterwards, the kids "made" airplanes! (he really ate peaches and crackers while I made the airplane.) But he loved it. "zzzzzzzzzzz" is what our airplane says!
I thought about my Grandpa Pheifer and his plane. Maybe some day Coy will be able to take a ride in his airplane :) He'd LOVE that!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

meet some "fair" friends

Meet Coy: Wait, you already know him. :) This however, is Cold Coy.
Last Thursday morning we went to the fair to watch our friend Cody's (we'll get to him in a bit) pig be judged. It was pretty cold though, but you'll get to see who kept him warm.

It was Leilani Price! Leilani has been in our field for the summer, and just went to her new field (good thing it's close by though), and we will miss her! She kept Coy pretty warm, and he's discovered a new great friend in her!

Next, you can meet Karen Tenniswood! She is our older (elder, more like, not She is an awesome friend to the kids (and us), and is super handy around the house. She helped us fix the oven this weekend, and FOUND OUR KEYS FOR US!!! I lost the van keys Tuesday night, and searched the house thouroughly, and they were no where to be found. Logan looked. Coy looked. Bentley bugged us while we looked. haha. They were just gone. Then, in came Karen. She looked. And, she found!! They had fallen off the ledge and behing the piano (where we had already looked numerous times), but she thought to actually look INside the piano, and there they were! What a joyous celebration there was!! :)
This gentle lady LOVES horses :)
I would introduce you to this super large horse, but he doesn't have a name. And, he's so large he's rather intimidating.

And, here is Shelby Coleman! She's a spunky, and very, very active kindergartener!! Her mom's name is Bonnie. Her dad's name is Lyle and she has two big brothers, Chance and Cody. She is a fun friend for Coy to have, and keeps him tough :)

And here is Cody! He was showing his pig here,and did an excellant job! He sold his pig for $3.57/lb!! Logan, being a retired FFA member, and former pig showman, was pretty impressed :) Cody and Coy are super good friends, too! He takes special interest in Coy, maybe because they share the same birthday??Iforsee some rather wild birthday parties together :)
Below Cody, is him and his dad, Lyle (in the maroon vest). Lyle helped "control" the pigs. When I say control, I say it in all seriousness. Pigs are nasty! They fight, and bite, and scream, and trample! Maybe they just get overwhelmed at the fair, cause we sure haven't seen Papa's pigs do that!

Here is a goat, owned by a friend, Kaisa.(in the whilte shirt) It was a minature goat of some sort, and won first in it's little class. Cute, huh? I'm thinking we'll get one! (don't tell Logan yet. he'll find out soon....heehee)

You have already met him, but here's Daddy. He's the best, and also known to be the best husband ever, too! I think that the whole looks better from on top of daddy's shoulders!

Karen & Leilani were at our house Fri and Sat night. They love to play with the boys, and Karen even changed a diaper or two :) Here, she is reading Coy a bedtime book. I'm not sure who it put to sleep first, her or Coy, but both were sleeping before the end of the book!

 And because he hasn't been mentioned yet, here is Bentley Armour. Drink this little grin in, because in about 10 seconds, it goes from THIS.......

As sweet and pleasant as he seems, these days have been far from it. He's teething, having digestive issues, just moved to a weird new house, and is so antsy he's about to crawl!! All this frusteration and uncomfortable-ness leads to screaches, cries, and faces like this one. Sigh. It WILL pass, right??.......


Monday, September 6, 2010

We have so many pictures from these past few weeks of packing, then moving. However, obviously not quite so many blog posts, and now it's all too much! But here's a little slideshow of a few pictures.
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The move went really well!! We closed early Friday morning (8-27) and it went smoothe and quick. Our first night in our new place was saturday night. And by Monday, we were completely moved and said "adios" to Clinton and "HELLO" to Stevensville! The week was long, and eventful. We were broken in to being a "Bitterrooter" right away, going to the fair with some friends. Wednesday night in our new meeting was a special experience. We are much needed there, as it is a super tiny meeting. That night, there were 6 of us taking part. Imagine if we hadn't been there! Karen Tenniswood and Leilani Price stayed with us the weekend then. First worker visit. In our first week here, ever! Sounds like a great start to me!
So, we encourage ya'll to come and visit!!