Monday, January 16, 2012

Sew Monkey Butt

I didn't spell that wrong...I actually DID sew a monkey butt! It's a homemade cloth diaper! Cute, huh?

 A friend gave me a old Singer 500A and it's really awesome, but couldn't figure it all out! So Charlotte, a lady in our meeting, came and helped me figure it out and even cleaned and oiled it! So now it works like a charm!

I half printed off a pattern, half made my own for this project. There are parts I need to modify, but for my first one, I'm pretty proud of this little monkey monkey butt cover :D

Friday, January 13, 2012

New Chef Mate

There's a new chef in town who doesn't mind helping me out in the kitchen!
Actually, he's more like an intern...he mostly just watches and comments on a few things.

My only complaint?
He could stand to lay off eating every crumb.
His chin has over DOUBLED in size!

I can't be too hard on him...he's still in training, super cute....and only just about 4 months old.

Monday, January 9, 2012


One thousand, eight hundred and twenty-five days (plus a few more now) is how many days we've been married!

Before you get your calculator out...that's 5 years :)

We spent the weekend in Kalispell, and with awsome Grandparents who were more then willing to babysit, we went on the most awesome date ever!

(The other most awesome dates were the one where we first held hands :), and the one where Logan proposed. Of course, all of our dates were nice!)

We went on a Moonlight Dine & Ski up at Big Mountain in Whitefish. We rode the ski lift up to the summit where we had a delicious Italian dinner by candlelight. And of course, hot chocolate resided shortly on our table. We were serenaded by guitar, and looked out to see city light of both Whitefish and Kalispell. Then we had a very very chilly ride back down on the chairlift...decending down out of the the fog back to the ski lodge. It was so romantic :)

Thursday, January 5, 2012


3,000 - roughly the amount of miles traveled to experience some quality Krisher time :)

We've done it again! And once again, it was fun! And once again, my heart broke a little more while driving on County Road B, driving away from my childhood home, back towards Montana.

But let me tell you heart once again lept with PURE JOY when we turned onto Hwy 93 S...meaning only 25 miles to go till we get HOME! 

Phew....what fun our Christmas time was this year...but oh what fun it was NOT to drive all that way with first a carsick toddler, then another 'real' sick toddler, and a constantly hungry 3 month old.

My heartstill smiles, though, thinking of the fun we had and the family and friends we saw!

(A very cuddly babe, and Auntie Sarah)

(Grandma reading to most of the g-kids)

(Grandpa and the boys discussing what looks necessary in this weeks Fleet Farm ad)

(Typical boys - delighted and curious in Great Grandpas dumptruck)

(Vroom vroom! It's maybe a good thing there wasn't enough snow for this beast to make it out of the garage!)

(Great Grandma now reading. I am realizing that most of my pictures are of someone reading to the kids. They were glad to have enough people around to read to them, whenever they wanted :D)

(Oh, and another reader... Uncle Ted)

(More giggles)

These next pictures are poor quality from my phone and out of order:
(Just call Naomi the "baby whisperer". She can put him to sleeep anywhere, anytime! It worked especially well when I was trying to do some shoe shopping with a fussy baby :D)

(While we were spending a few days in Minneapolis, we got up to see Katie, Brendon, Kenzie and new baby sister Macie)

(We went to the aquarium with Justin, Susie, Addie & Miles. Such a cool place! We saw sharks, jellyfish, "Nemo" fish, turtles....awesome sea creatures!)

Litte Remington was admited to the Childrens Hospital in Neenah for observation. He eats so much, but is so little, everyone is wanting to know WHY! Aside from first initial numbers that looked scarry but were later dismissed...everythning looks good. He's spot on for his social development, and within the past few weeks, has been amazingly catching up on his motor skills. Meanwhile, he's living up to his name of "Peanut" :) And, the happiest 9 month old I've seen!! He will continue to see a growth and development specialist down in Little Rock where Lindsay & Kelvin are currently staying for his work.
 When Kase wasn't hungry or needing a little cat-nap, he was super cute and happy :) He is talking a lot these days...coo-ing and even laughing. His curious little hands grab what's closest to him, and can often be found in his mouth! BUT MAN, he's getting HEAVY!

 Now, we're doing laundry, catching up on mail, re-filling the fridge.

Well actually, now getting ready to go to Kalispell for the weekend, and a special evening out for our 5th anniversary.

Time to make some Mater mac 'n' cheese......