Friday, October 19, 2012

Where Oh Where?

Where, oh where has my sweet boy gone?
As we are struggling with a very strong-willed, vocal toddler, I found this picture of Bentley sweetly sleeping that brought me consolation that every moment doesn't have to be a's all in how I look at it and deal with it.
Oh and it also reminded me to NAP WHEN THE KIDS NAP! :)

Monday, October 8, 2012

In The Field

 Coy Aaron, Kase Logan & Bentley Armour
October 2012
Kase - 12 months

Bentley - 35 months
Coy - 4 years

2 Peas in a Pod
All photo shoots with children take lots of work & action...
With absolutely NO gaurentee of getting any perfect pictures!

Coys 4th Birthday

I have put down my laundry basket, turned off my sewing machine, put fresh diapers on all the necessary children, and I'm going to do a little back-blogging :)

I'll go back just over 2 weeks to when we celebrated our first born turing FOUR! Here he is at his small Sunday evening party, chip faced. :)
We pizza partied with our closest friends, Pablo & Olga and Lyle & Bonnie. Cody and Coy share a birthday, born the same day exactly 10 years apart! They're such great buddies and it's extra special they get to share a birthday!
Of course, the cake was decorated with none other then Lightning McQueen himself! Seriously, you thought of something else?? This new 4 year old revolves every play episode around the characters of Cars. Lightning McQueen, Sally, Mater, Luigi, Guido, Francesco....I have no idea who most of those guys are, but they keep the big boys super happy and imagination going!
Coy LOVES learning!! He wants to know about everything that he sees! He went to "Tire School" on saturday while daddy changed our vans flat tire. He learned how to do it....then informed me that I needed to learn too! Who are you child, your Grandpa?? ;)
We've started learning a new letter each week too, mostly by coloring pages with things starting with that letter. He asks to learn letters about 3 times every day, and I just LOVE his enthuiasism! He may be ready for school sooner then we want! He cant wait to go to school, ride the bus, and have "Football School" there too. Gym class anyone?
He makes us smile with the intelligent words and phrases that come out of his mouth! Yes, a little sassing too, but his big brown eyes and blonde hair make us forgive those sassy little lips pretty quick!
Oh, he also may be the most proud 4 year old ever! For the week after his birthday, everywhere we went, he announced that he was now "FOUR"! Complete with the correct number of fingers waving around! :)
Mom, Dad, Bentley & Kasey-poo love you lots Coy Aaron!!