Friday, November 27, 2009

When we got home from the birth center on Friday, Sarah made a special sign, just for Bentley :)

Adrian, Anna and the girls came for a visit Saturday, and here are all the second cousins! That fun number of 5 will turn to 6 in a few weeks, when Ella, Tessa and Jaci get a new baby too!

"ock, ock, ock" goes the big brother rocking the wee one :)

Oh, this is just the beginning..... LOL

Doesn't this just make you smile? He's been doing really really good with a new baby in the house! Every once in a while he'll get mad that I'm nursing Bentley and kind of screeches, but with Daddy home, he's usually always got a bud. Who knows what we'll do on Monday when he goes back to work....but we'll get through it! I guess he'll have to run to Auntie Sarah then! And he also screeches at Bent sometimes when he's crying, trying to say "shut up" i guess??
Well, all for now. Im usually a few days behind, so within the next few days I'll get Thanksgiving day pictures and details posted!
Hope everyone's been having a nice holiday! And you're SOOO crazy if you got up early for shopping today!! But I must say, I hear there are GREAT deals out there! We got our great deals at Old Navy...and at a safer time...say like 4 pm :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

On Nov the 19th...

On Nov the 19th, we began the LONG day, but amazing journey to meet our second, precious son, Bentley Armour. I woke up early Thursday morning at about 7 with contractions, lost my mucus plug and had bloody show. I ran to wake up Sarah with the exciting news, then jump in the shower because I knew it was going to be a long hard day ahead of us. Throughout the morning I did a little laundry, packed my bag and took a walk. Logan came home from work around 2, we went for another walk, during which my contractions timed 5 minutes apart. We called our midwife and told her we were on our way in!! :) Once at the birth center, I was just about 4 cm dilated, so we took yet another walk. When we got back, we got more settled in, and my rushes were beginning to require more attention. Coy was having a hard time at home with Auntie Sarah and no mommy and daddy (pretty sure he knew something funny was goin on..) so she brought him in, where they played and he visited me in the tub (where I labored most). Coy was happier then...he even got down in my face while I was having a hard contration...almost comforting I thought, until he mimicked the noise I had just made. haha! Once it got late, him and Sarah headed downstairs to an extra bedroom for a little sleep.
Most people say that their second labor is somewhat easier and faster...but NOT OURS! It was shorter time from very start to finish, but definately harder and at least 5 more hours of hard, active back labor. But once again like with Coy, I only pushed for a few minutes. Just when I thought the night would never end, the clock struck 1 (am that is) and I spent my very last ounce of energy on delivering a perfect 9 lb 15 oz little human being that we immedeatly knew would complete our family! Auntie Sarah and big brother Coy met Bentley when he was just seconds old, and were as in love with him as mommy and daddy were.

The LAST maternity picture! This is at the birth center, at about 6 pm.
(Im counting on all our readers being mature mommies themselves, but if this picture is offensive I will take it off) Bentley was water birthed, just like I had imagined him being born. I felt most comfortable here, and had no tearing at all.
And just let me say, that I have an AMAZING husband! He was there for me thru each and EVERY rush, comforting, offering great encouragement, and massaging my back and hips. We never called in our doula...Logan was all I needed!
Bentley got a fractured shoulder, which he favored for a little bit, but healed quickly being wrapped up in a blanket.

Here is Bentleys welcome crew!

Auntie Sarah is sooooo awesome! Thank you so much for helping us with Coy, and being supportive and helpful throughout the day!

Starting on the left, is Linsey (RN, birth center manager) Jeanne (our wonderful midwife) and us. This was about 1on Friday afternoon as we were just leaving. Our experience at the birth center was so nice and we felt safe and so comfortable. Bentley was the second baby born we got beat by a week. And yes, Coy's sock IS missing...he and Logan ran down to the grocery store quick, during which he somehow lost his sock... :)

And here's our new little scrunched up sweet pea!
Im on antibiotics for a breast infection, and recovering from a high fever, so im sorry for this post not being done FRIDAY, like I wanted to do! :) I have lots more pictures and fun stuff to post, so hopefully I will get to them tomorrow!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Bentley Armour

Bentley Armour Braaten

8 lbs 15 oz 21 inches

Nov 20 1:09 am

We are home and in our own warm bed now, proud parents once again, and proud big brother!

Monday, November 16, 2009

oh wait, there's more!

Since we have such an out of control child (far from it, actually) we occasionally need to keep him tied... as you can see, it was much fun! Later, Coy had DADDY tied at the belt loops! (Since we have such an out of control daddy too...haha)

SOMEHOW, an arm got loose during the night. Didn't seem to bother him at all though.
We saw Jeanne today, and Im THIRTY NINE weeks pregnant! With only 6 more days until our baby's due date, Im feeling so ready. But then at the same time realizing that once I go into labor, that there is no more just Coy, but that there will be TWO, and ALWAYS two from then on. Eep! I hate to complain, but the last trimester of this pregnancy has been nothing but incredible back pain (with no relief from the chiro or PT), heartburn and no sleep. So...for other then the most obvious reason, Im anxious for it all to be over. And the good news, is that Im 75% effaced, and about 2 cm dilated. And.....we're still in the running for FIRST baby born at the NEW birth center :D We can't wait for baby's birthday!


Once again, Im WAY past due on a blog post...but I'll summarize the best I can what we've been doing (besides waiting for a baby) these past few weeks!
Ellen, Trapper and Quiana made a trip to Montana, and we got to have them stay at our house for a night! Then for the weekend, they headed over to Hugh and Carmens, where we all met for a day of lots of fun and cousins!

Years ago, this was the go-cart that belonged to Logan, Kenny and Rodney.'s Trapper, Spencer and Coy who have laid claims to it! OH yes, we can't wait till they're all a bit older, driving and fixing this thing... :)
And what farming buddies Trapper and Coy are...Trapper gets the farm all in order, and Coy pretends to know what he's doing, but mostly mixes up what Trapper just fixed. Oh, and he's a grandpas boy too...he's sure got good grandpas!
And here we are...LAST week, at 38 weeks pregnant. Yes, it's a nice little seat for Coy. He will be mighty dissapointed when mommy's BIG tummy is gone though..he also likes to "gick gick gick" (tickle, tickle, tickle) my belly button the is now nearly an outie. :)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

long time coming...

We got a new freezer, and what better thing to do with the box than make a fort? There's also a sign that says "Boyz Only". Hmmmm. That's ok though, cause this mommy is too big to fit in there anyway!

We found a cute zebra costume for Coy. We're not much for halloweeners..but it's cute!

Or maybe he shoulda been a witch. His strange fascination with the broom usually only leads to frusteration...he can't figure out how to "unstraddle" it.

Mom and dad moved Auntie Sarah out this past weekend!!! It was a short visit from mom and dad, but was special to see them again. We sure wish we lived closer! We miss them so much!

Oh, and this is just Coy eating cucumber.

Grandpa, Coy, and Daddy :)

Aunt Mary got a brick dedicated to Uncle Aaron at the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, so we had to go and see if just after they laid it.

Coy and Grandpa gettin some excersize...hehe.

We wanted to take Coy trick or treating to some elderly friends of ours...but we didn't get very far before our little zebra fell asleep. Makes a mighty fine pillow I'd say... :)

I just like this picture ;)

Sunday morning shaving time! Coy was sooo eager to help Daddy shave. He even shaved his own hair there of course, but tickled a little :)

I might just hire him to carry another diaper bag soon... :)