Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Blog? What blog?

that's about it..."what blog?" But, before the boys wake up this morning, Im going to POST! :)

This weekend was Shaun & Emily Durkee's wedding. It was sooo beautiful, and made me remember OUR wedding vows, and never want to let go of that newly-wed feeling. Yes, life happens, but love should happen everyday too! We stayed with Todd & Kay Kitto, and their little guy, Aiden (almost 3). Him and Coy are good buds...but not without the quarreling (mostly Coy's instigating...garr). Of course the boys picked the worst weekend to be fussy, cranky, naughty, but we got through it, and looking back now, it was a good weekend :) Special thanks to Kitto's too, for great hospitality, and fun company!
So...best wishes to Durk & Emily...you are wonderful as a couple!

After meeting on Sunday, the boys were given suckers (who does that??? LOL) and played outside in the irrigation ditch, and on the fourwheeler and equipment there. Above, Todd is letting the little guys splash in the water, and below....after their discussion on whether you gotta drive a Polaris or ?? (whatever kind of 4-wheeler there is...im THAT "up" on them), they decided it didn't matter. Life doesn't getter any better then sitting and slurping with a bud!

Bentley's thinking of gettin one of these. I don't detest. I'll help him bale :)
Doin some more front-porch-sittin.
Here's my handsome mini-driving hubs. He's mid-wink. Yes, he still winks at me. :D

It's so HOT!! Yesterday I attempted some desperately-needed excersize. I walked as far as the school (.5 mile), saw that the temp was NINETY FIVE DEGREES, and then quickly decided that it was too hot. So, we came home.....and had a popsicle. heehee.
Since we have no air, and it's not getting very cool at night, the house gets to be about 80 by afternoon. Gasp. Im anxious awaiting FALL :)

Mom and Dad are EN ROUTE!! They are currently driving into Montana, and plan on getting to, and staying in Glacier tonight. So, we will see them TOMORROW! We can't wait!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My good friends Katie & Brendon became parents today, to a sweet baby girl, Makenzie!!
I'm so excited that they get to experience such love, joy, and fun that a baby brings! Makenzie Jean is one lucky little lady!

Monday, July 19, 2010

They are...

Adrian, Anna, Ella, Tessa, Jaci & Aaron
We took their family photos at Ft. Missoula on Sunday. I haven't gotten to sit down and fully edit them yet, but here's a quickie-edit to share. Thanks, A & A and kids for being soo wonderful during our shoot! It sure was worth the work and wait for ice cream afterwards, huh? :)

Guess Who?

Snap Me If You Can...

Yesterday we took some family/friends pictures at Ft. Missoula, and of course it woulnd't be a complete day if we didn't take some of the boys too. :)

There were *seriously* soo many cute ones of Bentley, it is soo hard to choose just a few. But Coy? Too fast to catch. However, we did manage to snap one or two.

Here are just a few of us and our two adorable little guys.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Thursday, July 8, 2010

the little boys that rule this house

sigh...just thinking of post on this blog overwhelms me...
i always have lots to blog, but wonder if it's worth the effort. (who reads this anyway?)
so, i wait...and wait...and wait, until it's just too much to post in one post, when i DO actually get my butt motivated to blog.
so anyway...here's a little from the braaten house :)

Coy is not a baby anymore...he's a LITTLE BOY!! He's starting to talk a lot, not only saying new words, but putting 2-3 words together.
Here are a few :
  • "mama, *grunt* stuck" (in his carseat. of course dear, you should be stuck)
  • "colt wodder" in the pool. or any water for that matter...seems to be "colt". once in a while it's "hot", as he blows on his hands. water is his new obsession :)
  • "dum dum dum di-ee dum" (dum ditty dum ditty dum, dum, dum)

  • he says "buckle" when he's wearing his belt. and if he's not wearing it, he's sure to show you where it should be. Same thing with "pocket".

And, there's many, many more. He's starting to pay more attention to the little non-play things now too, which is big for us. We usually hold hands when we give thanks for a meal, and he made the connection the other night in meeting. During prayer, he bowed his head, and grabbed for our hands. It was so sweet, but of course lasted for about 20 seconds.

He got a POTTY CHAIR! thats another thing he's been obsessed with...so we though we'd try it out. He hasn't gone in it yet, but he "practices" everyday ;) As he sits on it, I hear "pah-ee...poopy. pah-ee...poopy"

Bentley is working on cutting his second tooth...i can see it just below the surface of his gums. He's of course chewing on lots of things, and of course cranky. It doesn't help that by 3 o'clock it's usually about 76 degrees in the house. oof da! He obviously has started eating solids...but not as usual as he probably should be. When Coy was about 5 months, I was really excited about feeding him solids (who knows why...just the first-time mom thing?). Now, I realize the effort and mess and clean up that it takes...and it's harder for me to get used to doing that more then once a day, especially when it's much easier to just unsnap my bra. So...he's been nursing ALL the time. Yesterday though, I made a TON of baby food...hoping to start actually feeding it to him. My favorite? Breakfast medly...blueberries, apples & oats.

We enjoyed our 4th of July with Hugh & Carmen, and Kenny & Lichen in Townsend. We had planned on going out on the lake that day, but the weather told us otherwise. So we spent the day playing at a park, having a picnic, and walking downtown Helena. The company was nice :)