Monday, March 28, 2011

The Pheifers Came to Visit

Adrian, Anna & their kids came this weekend - and we had a blast! Thankfully, the weather was great so we spent a lot of time outside - swinging, visiting the miniture horses next door, and collecting "gems" and burying eachother in the stone pile.

Here are a few picutres I got.

This is my new favorite picture :) I love seeing my handsome husband, carrying our littlest country kid!

Patiently waiting for the mini's to notice their biggest fans waiting for them!

Ella, Tessa & Jaci LOVED these fella's! I believe I heard each of the girls ask for a horse for their birthday! More then once, too ;)

While the bigger kids fed them hay, this little guy ran around, joining in the excitement.

Of the 4 mini's. Sky was Ella's favorite, because of her light blue eyes. This one here, is Amber, though.

What a handsome smile, on this guy, huh? (This is Aaron Rio.)

LOVE this picture of Ella. I know I have a lot of her, she was just so involved in what the horses were doing, it made her very photogenic!

Bentley & Adrian. Logan joked "the view from his arms was better" :)

Daddy's shoulders works too! (im madly in love with his dimply smile!)

A brief moment of all the kids together! 6 sweet cuties!

Coy Aaron.

Ella Rose.

Tessa Jane.

Jaci Claire.

3 buddies.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


At almost 13 weeks pregnant, my fat maternity pants are now waaay more comfortable!

Dont know wether to think YAY or NAY GARR.

Good news is though, is that Im beginning (beginning meaning like yesterday afternoon, and today so far) to feel a bit more I've started Prenatal Yoga again, and am looking forward to the forcasted sunshine that'll get me outside walking again!

BUT who care about that right now....I'm thinking constantly of my new nephew and his mommy, daddy & lucky big siblings! The sun makes me want to start walkin east, and not stop till I kiss those soft new baby cheeks :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

See What the Stork Brought!!

I am so proud to be an auntie again...this time to Remington Aaron Brotzman!!

He was born yesterday, 3/21, at 8:23? pm. He weighs an ounce shy of 8 lbs, and it 19.5 inches long....19.5 inches of pure sweetness!! I will let Lindsay share the story when she's ready, so in the mean time, this extremely pround Auntie will share a sneak peek of the little guy!

I realize he's pouting...but isn't his pout sooooo cute? It's Cole's pout, his mommy informs me ;)

Coy loves looking at baby "Repington"
We are working on pronouncing his name right..
We starting out at baby "Wupington" HA

(Coy just said "He got SAD, mommy!", referring to his picture above. Then said "He's so pretty". Now he wants to "go see him, please?")

Sunday, March 20, 2011

What are Saturdays for?

Well, you've asked the right person, 'cause we can sure tell you!!

Saturdays are GREAT for working on projects and stuff...

AND for getting as much fresh air as possible!

They are for monkeying around...

and ACTUALLY getting real projects done.
(Logan was burning the grass off of a built in motocross track the last owners put in the field (lucky us). however, we will have NO use for it.. not even when our boys reach their teenage years..;) )

Saturdays are when we take our jobs of fire watching VERY seriously..

and our view watching is spectacular!

We find toys to play with that we discover wont work (such as a flat basketball)..

and we find lots of KISSES that need to be given!!

And most of all...Saturdays are the days that little boys watch and learn from their dads doing their big "daddy" projects

Once it got too dark and cold for the kids, they watched Logan move dirt with the tractor from the window. When Logan was about to scoop up a load, Coy cheered him on saying "Get the dirt, Daddy, get the dirt!" When he got a load, Coy shouted "Good job, daddy!" I wish he could have been heard through that window!


Last weekend we went to Grampa & Grammas. On the pig farm, that is. We enjoyed spending time with G&G, and went on a little outing, too! We went to see Uncle Dale & Aunt Bonnies lambs! Most were born within the week, but we got to see some that were born that day!!

It was so amazing...I was begging to take one home, but Logan was begging me not to. :)

After we left, Coy said that he "wuves them a lot".

See....Logan LOVED it! I can tell he was *secretly* wishing he could surprise his wife with one.. ;)

Thanks Dale & Bonnie for the fun visit and the pictures!

Feliz Cumpleanos Clara!

Our little friend, Clara, turned ONE on March 9th! And we just got lucky enough to help her celebrate! At the party was Clara, Matias (big brother), and momma (Olga). Friends there were us, Karen Tenniswood & Della Williams, Shelby Coleman and her mom, Bonnie. It was sweet celebration for a sweet, big brown-eyed little princess!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mother, Do You Wine Much?

haha...I mean "Whine Much?"

I should be cutting veggies right now, or posting super cute pics of the boys...but something on Facebook has really got me thinking.

A girl, who's sweet little baby girl is just 3 months old, said she was sick of moms "complaining about their jobs. then why did they have kids?"

Whether or not she was pointing at me, haha....most of my status updates are about my kids and motherhood. The naughty things they do, the cute things they do, how tired i get...etc. I AM NOT COMPLAINING!


But seriously, being a stay-at-home mom to two toddlers, just 13 months apart and another one in the oven, is stressful! And tiring! And not always peaches & ice cream!...Just as any job goes.

So how do we deal with it? Some moms are just super moms, and are care3-free and just go with the flow. Some indulge in wine (pun completely intended), some relax with retail therapy.

For me? It helps to make light of the situation. Laugh (after the fact, of course) about it. Like my latests posts, where Bentley relocated the cream of wheat from the pantry to the laundry room floor, and is now self scoop....or rejoicing that I got a babysitter so I could go grocery shopping alone. Sharing laughs with other moms about our kids is a way of connecting with eachother, and encouraging eachother. Being a mom is joyous, but tough, so finding the humor is motherhood helps the day just go by a little easier.

A dear friend wisely told me, "The first child makes you a parent. The second child makes you a mother. The third makes you carefree." We shall see...but until I don't care that my kids have torn the pages out of my bible, an entire box of cream of wheat has been emptied into the laundry floor, or a PB&J sammy is upside down on a freshly washed floor.....I will somehow find the humor in it!

Ok, except for the Bible one maybe.
So, call it complaining....I'll call it funny!

Oh, and soon to come, is posts about
                                    * Baby Clara's 1st birthday party
                                    *Weekend trip to Gramma & Grampas pig farm
                                    *Feeding baby "sheepies", which Coy "wuvs a lot" ;)

Thursday, March 10, 2011


My camera is got a layer of dust on it, and caught in a spider web somehere I'm sure...and all I've got to post is things my kids say.

Bentley says : "waaaaaaaaaaaaa". and "NO!" sigh. Im blaming this behavior on his eye teeth, all 4 of them, just barely poking through. I hope I'm right! :S

Coy says (As we're walking down the driveway and it's windier then all get out...) "Mama, make a wind shut off up inna (s)ky!"

"Don't be sad at me, mama!" when he's getting in trouble. Does he mean "mad"?  Im thinking so.

In the van, instead of the radio, he wants to hear "meeting songs". Right now he's asking for the "Jesus song". This warms my heart!

He dropped his vitamin one morning and couldn't find it, which was pretty traumatic. Logan lifted him up, and turns out he was sitting on it. With the BIGGEST pouty lip and BIGGEST tears, he says "Sooooo saaaaad" and started bawling again.

**Oh, Bentley also says "BUUUURP" cause he just ate THREE (3!) pieces of toast for breakfast!

Saturday, March 5, 2011


We want to introduce you to the 5th member of our family!
Rather - EVIDENCE of another member!
Here...Coy will show you

And here's how it began.
Well, you know how it really began, but here's now we found out ;)

On our trip to WI in January, I started feeling nauseas, but assumed it was a stomach bug since we were around a lot of people and you can always bet that someone is carrying something. I took it easy, I layed down, I tried to aviod heavy foods that would make me feel worse, I took my temp...but it never changed.

Dad said "I bet youre pregnant"
I said "No...I just had my, ya know, period not long ago"
Dad still said "I think you're pregnant"

So a week after we'd been there, and I was still feeling sick,  Lindsay brought over a $1 pregnancy test. I took it. Negative. Ok, I was bummed a little. So I really wasn't pregnant...I was just fighting a bug. All the way home (then it was blamed on motion sickness) and all that week I was STILL sick!

One Saturday after we were home, we drove up to Missoula to go to a Griz basketball game. Now more and more I was beginning to think that I *could* be pregnant...and when I spotted a Walgreens, I make Logan whip in so I could pick up a test. So all the way from the Walgreens to the Adams Center, we had butterflies, wondering.  Once at the game, I stopped at the rest room while the boys found their seats..................

And I came back out with a HUGE smile....I couldn't have stopped smiling even if I wanted to!
I walked into the stadium, everyone else around me seemed nearly non-existant. I scanned the crowd for the boys - and when I spotted them, Logan knew right away by my beaming face that I had seen TWO PINK LINES!!

Of course, I saved that basketball game ticket for the new baby book :)


We saw our midwife this week, and got to see our tiny babe!
And even after two children already, this sure is NOT old hat, it's just as exciting as the two before.

Hearing that fast, tiny, yet so strong heartbeat is so reassuring and beautiful!. Another blessing. Another miracle!

We are 10 weeks, putting this new baby due September 30. I have been really sick, really tired, and really really hormonal. Even though that's "just pregnancy" and normal, I'm getting pretty impatient for the day when Im feeling better!