Thursday, August 28, 2008

36 week appt

Well, today we had our 36 weeks appt with our midwife. The baby has slowed down a bit..because Im measuring right at 36 weeks, where before I had always measured about 3 weeks furthur. So thats good. Maybe he wont be so big after all ?? :)
Im hardly dilated at all yet, but 70% effaced! We cant wait until our next appt, next Friday, to see how close we are THEN.. :)

Proud To Be A Griz...

Weeel, maybe not so much...but back again to being a Griz! Logan started school again! He's just got a few credits, so he wont be as busy as last year. So far, he's got one night of class a week, but a lot of reading and writing. But hard can it be to hold a baby and read a book? haha. Kudos to Logan and this semester!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

35 weeks

At 35 weeks...things are still getting rounder!
Without writing a novel of complaints...I can probably say
that I'm feeling o.k...but definately starting to get anxious!
We can't wait to meet baby!!
*Note: Size of socks, belly and fingers are actual size.

Monday, August 18, 2008

another amazing year...

It was not only my 21st birthday, but a very special anniversery for Logan and I. It was just a little over 2 years ago that he phoned dad, and asked if he could have his daughter, and then just 2 years ago last night that he asked me to marry him over a piece of huckelberry cheesecake.
Holland Lake just before our engagement

21 and 34 weeks pregnant!
I had a WONDERFUL birthday yesterday! We woke up over coffee, bacon and blueberry pancakes with uncle Keith, who was bringing thru a load of hay. I got a really sweet card from Baby and Daddy, and enjoyed other birthday cards too. It was just a hot, but relaxing afternoon...and then after gospel meeting, us and Sierra McClain went down to cool off in the Blackfoot River. Yes...freezing, but sooo nice since it was 100! Then we met Ahsley Williams for pizza. On Saturday, Logan took me to Whippersnappers (my favorite kids store in case you forgot..) to pick out a Sprout Pouch (baby sling). So we had fun trying that on, and imagining our little baby in there. And then best of all, we had birthday cake that Logan made...with sprinkles and homemade frosting (that we made on a bunson burner cause our power was out for the afternoon. haha.) I couldn't have had a better birthday! Thanks to my husband, family and friends!
Speaking of birthdays...... :)


Monday, August 11, 2008

a nice beginning to august...

WOW! The summer has just flown by! That's good for us though...were just getting closer and closer to meeting our baby boy!
We were at the Braaten Reunion up at Holland Lake this past week...with lots of kids, food, and fun! I wouldn't say that it was too relaxing tenting...but me and my big baby belly made it thru! haha! My awesome sisters in laws planned a fun baby shower, we had canoe races, and went hiking. And it was just fun to see nieces, nephews, cousins, aunts & uncles!
Spencer fell alseep eating! haha

33 weeks pregnant and stuck in the tube!
Saturday night we went to the rodeo with Aunt Mary, Anna and the girls. It was Jaci's first rodeo I believe..but she just ate and slept thru it :)
Sunday evening we went to the relaxing Symphony in the Park with caramel popcorn and juice.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

little known facts on a Monday evening

This morning I discovered a GREEN egg...which apparently is normal(?) for an Americana hen.

I think that baby really likes being in meeting.'s always during that quiet hour, when I can't get up to stretch, that he sprawls out to relax with a knee/elbow/something pointy in my rib cage.

One of our renters works as secutiry at concerts...and she got to see Martina McBride...and stand like 2 feet from her. Lucky girl!!