Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Last month we took a 2 week long trip to Wisconsin to be with my family for a while and have an awesome Thanksgiving dinner there!

I tried uploading pictures, but it says I'm outta storage, and need to pay for more. yah right. So, pictureless here today I guess.

On our way out to mom and dads, we stopped in the cities for a couple days, staying with an old bestie, Katie and playing with their girls and meeting a new friend with little farmer boys too! We also stayed a night with Sarah & Chase, getting to adventure the big aquarium at the MOA too!

I feel so lucky that I also got to see my other best friends, Naomi & Susie while we were there! I think of all these special gals (and all family members!( everyday because they hold a special place in my heart...but it was just so fantastic to get to see them!! Of course we got to see family too that we've been waiting to spend time with! Thanksgiving day was special too, was feeling very thankful especially that day!

On the way home, we detoured down the southern route and popped in at Logan's Aunt Elaine's surprise 50th birthday party! All of his aunts and uncles had travelled from MT to Baraboo, WI for this occasion, and was so fun to get to see them alltogether too! We took a much anticipated stop in the tiny town of Utica, MN to see a gal with a very large heart. Sierra McClain (from MT here) has been doctoring near Rochester with a rare form of lymphoma. Even with fighting cancer with all her might, she still has enough energy and spirit in her to be the most positive soul I've ever met! I love her smile! After chatting there late into the night, we hit the road home. And finally made it....a couple days later.

So traveling 6 months pregnant, quite cranky and with 3 small kiddos was very worth it. Wish I could share special pictures and a very cute video of a baby Kase interacting with a wiener dog...maybe later!