Wednesday, August 18, 2010

1 score and 3 years ago

...+ 1 day....I was born! Now folks, I am 23 years old. That just seems so old, yet sooo young!

I first must say, that I have the most thoughtful husband ever...he got me an HOUR LONG MASSAGE for my birthday :) I'm going to wait till after we move to redeem it though, because I"m sure I'll really need it then! I was spoiled with cards and gifts from friends and family too :)

Logan came home from work a little early yesterday, which made me smile! We played with the boys a bit, and then went in and had supper at the Montana Club (my favorite), where I just plain ate too much! But Logan said not to worry, cause it was my birthday. I think he thought I was worried about calories (probably should be) , but it was the tummy ache that got me! I got the Fettucini Alfredo with garden fresh veggies. And they were fresh for sure...and super delicious!!

Then we went to Bonner Park where we played in the water and ate DQ.

THIS up here is the bad birthday dessert. Oreo, of course. It IS a size LARGE blizzard, thanks for noticing, but we SPLIT it :) And shared with Bentley too...who couldn't seem to get enough!
It was a great and relaxing day, and I'm thankful for yet another year full of blessings. And, there's so much to look forward to again, as I enter my 24th year of this wonderful life!
Oofda...and now I'm heading out for a walk. A LOOONG one, to burn off that carb-hi, calorie-hi, fat-hi pasta.
The blizzard? I'll leave that one was too good to burn ;)

** New Lawn Mower **

Anticipating mowing a very large yard once we move, we've been shopping around for lawn mowers. So far, this is the best we found.

** It even comes with a MOWER himself!

getting caught up

So here I am playing catch up again! *groan*

We went down to the river the other night...possible the last time before we move!! We waded in the chilly water and Coy found himself a little place to sit in the rocks and dug himself a hole. Very productive :)

Sigh..I can't belive his old Bentley is getting! I say "old" instead of "big", cause he's not really that

COy has started his goofy stage. Is it really a stage though? Cause I think my husband startet it when he was young...but hasn't quite grown out of it yet.....?? He'll (Coy, not Logan) will run around being really silly, then squeel, stop running, strike a funny pose and then look at me, waiting for me to laugh at him. I usually do laugh!
We went to the Missoula Stampede at the fair last week with Gramma Mary and our friend Colleen. The only "heese" picture I got was of a Charlie Russell rider. Coy was just awe-struck the whole time, watching intently while chewing on his fingers (a molar thing). The bareback event was super exciting, most cowboys getting a good ride. The bull riding? Not so much...with only a 1 in 4 ride. But the BEST part of the night was watching a handsome cowboy do a bellyflop off a bronc, landing face first into the huge lake that unfortunately filled the middle of the arena. Hilarious, and absolutely priceless!!

So now, Coy will, about 20 times a day, randomly talk about the "jump cows" and "jump heeses".
Grandma reminded us of the song "Mama's, don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys". So far, I think our little cowboy is just a hobby cowboy. But he did however, climb on top of me while laying in bed, yelling "jump, cow!!!" and pretend to fall off.....

Monday, August 9, 2010

Tidbit #1:
The Broztman family of 4 is soon to be a family of FIVE!
Another little peanut is expected to join the family in April, which can't come soon enough for this smothering auntie! :)
Tidbit #2:
This here is our NEW HOUSE!!!!
We've been working on buying this home since end of March. So we're expected to close the 27th of this month, which can't come soon enough!! It's in Stevensville MT (about 25 miles south of Missoula) and on 10 irrigated acres, and has 2 smaller pastures already set up and a round corrall too. Im thinking of a horse, of course :) It's a short sale property, so it's been vacant for well over a year, and has MUCH yard work to do.
This is fun for Logan, because he gets to get a riding lawn mower!! He gets giddy looking at them...must be a guy thing! haha!
So anyway, we're excited about this! There's much packing and cleaning to do. So...if you're feeling generous and looking for something "fun" to do...
Just kidding :)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

YesterMidnight Musings

  • I wonder how many of my wild blogger friends are going to attend the Testicle Festival? Oh c'mon, I know some of you hang with the rowdy crowd on the weekends! ;)

  • Im getting a glass of water in the kitchen at midnight after I put Bentley back to sleep. I step on something...something that shouldn't be there. I immedeatly think it's the mouse that's been pooping on the piano (and other places). Come to find out, it's just a pea from lunch. Then im HORRIBLY disgusted with myself for thinking of that stupid mouse, and run back to bed in fear of actually seeing him (or them) for real.

  • In 2nd grade I was in a gifted group (believe it or not) where Mr. Hedkey (called him mr. keyhead behind his back) took a few of us smarter ones and gave us 6th grade tests to challenge us. One of the questions I remember: "Mary weighs 100 lbs. How much will she weigh if she lifts one leg up off the scale?" It's obvious that she'll weight the same. Sadly, Caitlan Ernst was the only one out of 6 of us who got that right. So, I'm wondering which appendage I can cut off to make me weight less. An arm??, I need that for cooking, nursing, carrying babies, etc. My ears??? They wont take much off, but I think I can do without em....

  • Im bursting with exciting news!! I'll wait to share it though :)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Coy's Debut

Monday, August 2, 2010

granna & papa

This'll be a very picturesque, and unorganized post for sure :)

Mom and Dad drove in late last wed. night from wisconsin. we were sooo excited to see them when we got home from meeting. on the way home, coy was about sleeping, but perked right up (hyped right up) once he saw grandpa and grandma!!

unfortunately, mom was sick with a nasty virus nearly the whole time...we hardly got to see her :( she did gather enough strength to read a book or two to coy though, which he loved!

mom and dad came through glacier...and i stole this picture from dad's camera (actually all of them are theirs..haha). i LOVE handsome dad sitting, thinking (imagine at lake mcdonald. right now, they're on the road to see the tetons and other gorgeous parts of wyoming.

dad got up early and went to the farmers market with logan on saturday. after that, dad, the boys and i went out to triple w equipment to look at their toys. dad was sure the boys needed some new tractor toys :)

so here's the "jumping cows" part....
we went to the bull-o-rama in ronan on friday night. coy was excited to see all the "heesees" (that's supposed to be horses. he'll get that one right yet), until a bronc bucked a little too close to the fence he was hangin on to. he turned around pretty quick and jumped up in papa's lap! he was pretty content there then, not only cause grandpas keep you safe, but he also had a big bag of popcorn :)
and yeah, he was pretty amused to see the "jump cows". but a little concerned that them cowboys kept fallin off! welcome to the rodeo, little one!

thursday night we met mary and adrian& anna at "biga pizza", and afterwards went to bonner park to splash around a bit. "big dipper" ice cream has a truck conveniently parked by the park... :)