Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Frosty's Gone

As I'm looking out the window at the green grass, I am thinking back to the day, 3 weeks ago when we had SNOW! SNOW! SNOW! How can it be gone already??

Coy and I built a snowman...carefully (and convienently) named...."Frosty"

It was so fun making Frosty, but so sad coming home from our trip and seeing nothing left of him except a carrot laying in the brown/green grass. :( We're having a "January thaw" for sure!

So I hope that either we get more snow soon, or we skip a few months till April. Cause that's what it looks like! Gar!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Wisconsin Pictures

 Im finally getting around to posting pictures from our trip to Wisconsin. We were gone Jan 7 - 17th, and loved everyday (mostly) of it. We suffered from everything from motion sickness (yeah, guess who. groan), colds, crankies, to stomach virus. BUT...dispite that all, it was WONDERFUL! It's so refreshing for me to visit my family. It's always wonderful to remember, and to see and smell, where you came from!

We visited with Aunts, uncles, grandparents ('greats' for the kids), cousins and friends that I rarely get to see.

The ONLY thing we missed out on, was snowmobiling. The boys kind of made up for it by snowplowing, though :) Coy sat right up there in the truck with Grandpa, happy as a clam! Each time they'd hit the snowbank, he'd exclaim "Crash!". He hasn't stopped thinking about it since we've gotten home too; we got a light skiff of snow over night this week and when he woke up, he looked out the window and said "Snowplow wiff Grampa?"

We got to help Madison celebrate her 2nd birthday!! What a sweet little princess!! She got lots of pink toys, and her mommy made seriously THE nummiest cake ever! (can you tell im dreaming of a piece with my coffee right now, Linds? haha) It was really fun for the little cousins to all be together. Now Coy is starting to remember them more, and we can talk about them and he knows WHO we're talking about! Just imagine those little guys (and the little guy soo to be born) in a few years. Grandpa will really have his hands full then ;)
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Well, we're home now, and recouperating from the tiresome necessity of traveling. To top it off, I got the stomach bug too, but it's finally wearing off a little. Now we get to look back at the pictures and remember what a great time we had!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


On this day, 4 years ago, I got to start 'the rest of my life' with my one true love!