Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Just showing off again...

See Coy at this website, taking a bite of this delicious, organic, fresh goodness!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Family time is the best time

I have come to the conclusion that it's not ME that's so slow and insufficient at blogging, it's just that time passes too quickly for me to keep up!

For special meeting rounds, we had the privilege of having JoAnna Ernsthausen (from ND) stay with us on that Friday and Saturday night! The next night, we got to have even more company! Dan Helenek came, bring friends! :) Duane & Janette and John & Ellen Christiansen showed a slide show from when they went to Ecuador last year.
No, I'm not pregnant, I just look really fat. Perfect timing, I'm posting, I have a muffin that I just took my first bite out of. However, after looking at myself...I gave it up to a little 2 year old who just happens to love muffins. Ha...Win/Win.

I just love this picture of Bentley! This excited expression is pretty common...he'll spot you looking at him and he'll march over to you, excited, squealing, wide eyes the whole way :)

This frozen spider web is enchanting! Until the spring time of course, when there will be an actual spider in it!
The wreath even had frost on it! Looks so cozy and inviting!

So, don't just stand there, COME IN!

Bentley's idea of "hanging out". What a monkey!

* * * * *

For the Christmas holiday, we went up to Logans parents, and was special to be there again! I love my in-laws and glad that our kids love them all too! There was a little (belated) birthday party for Kadyn who just turned 8! Christmas morning we dug into stockings to see what St. Nick Mom & Dad put in them!
This was Kadyn's greatest gift of all! She proclaims to be a Griz fan just to side with her favorite Aunt, but she's been known to cross the fence to where the Bobcats roam too.... ;)

The Christmas/stocking idea was totally new to Coy so he was a little confused, I think, but happy, nonetheless to get new toys and treats!

Once again, not to flattering of myself, but these cousins are the main subjects anyway! Coy really looks up to his older cousins, Trenton, Kadyn & Spencer! Uncle Kenny & Aunt Lichen spent the weekend there as well...being the cool aunt and uncle who plays a lot with the kids :)
(We really missed Quiana, Trapper & Baylon, though!)

Now that we are home, the kids are having a hard time with not being spoiled every minute!  We could really use a Grandma & Papa here full time! ;)

* * * * *

TEN days until we leave for Wisconsin!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It's a good thing he's so sweet.

Cause being sweet once in a while

saved him after he did THIS:

And that's when we started using toilet paper for our noses.
Cause this way just gets too expensive!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Mis-macth Monday

Coy walks into our room with a stripped, multi colored babys hat on his head, topped with a lopsided cowboy hat. He's holding his stuffed  blue puppy with one arm, dragging an etch-a-sketch by the pen and string with the opposit hand.

Wait - there's more.

He has a pacifier. In his mouth - and he's 2 years old.

He sees me, drops the etch-a-sketch, whips the paci out his peanut butter and jelly covered mouth and exclaimes "puppys fier! puppy's fier!" as he stuffs the pacifier in the puppys sewn shut mouth.

Wait - there's still more.

"Puppy needs food!!!"


"Puppy tinky". Pretty sure it's actually himself that he's smelling.


What I won't advertise, is that he woke up at 6 and was already sent back to bed with a spank by 7:30

Sunday, December 5, 2010


We were sick again today, so we missed meeting. Coy was sad, he kept telling us he wanted to "go to meen-een!" Then I got a video of him playing, and singing "Tell Me the Story of Jesus"...which of course is the only phrase of the song he knows. Then a quick "Amen" to close. It's a great start :)

Friday, December 3, 2010

Now that baby is 1 years old....he's sure not really a baby anymore!

He IS small (18.5 lbs, less the 1%tile) but his pediatrician is not worried at all yet because he's eating great and developing amazingly well! (He's just like his cousin, Madison, really "petite")

She said, just from watching the boys play during out appt, that he's rather advanced in his "trouble making abilities"! WHO KNEW?! Well, for one, I DID!! She claims it comes from having an older brother, very close in age. Great, just great. ;)

Bentley is now walking, walking, walking! He took a few feeble steps on his birthday, then more steps on Thanksgiving day. And now, he's all over the place. It's so hard to get used to.... He comes walking around the corner and I think "Coy sure looks small today!" Then WAIT...its BENTLEY! Haha, sure throws me for a loop most days!

Our bookworms occasionally agree on the same book. Ocassionally.

We went and made Lefse with our neighbor, Jerrian, and we enjoyed them warm with butter and freshly made huckleberry jam. Definatley something to be happy about...just ask Bentley :)

Bentleys bit through his lip yesterday :(
Logan threw up yesterday.
I burnt my fingers yesterday.
Coy threw up yesterday.
I ran out of Lysol...very untimely, yesterday.
Yesterday wasn't the best day ever.
Bummer, huh?


Bentley shuts his finger in the cupboard door. He speed-crawls towards mommy, half crying, half screaming. He lifts his hands up towards me and I bend down to pick him up. He cries, but stops when he reaches my chest and snuggles in. I think that his soft skin and whispy hair is more comforting to me, then my arms are for him.

In 10 years, will I remember the sentiment of such great love? Will I remember the smell of baby Bentley...and that he's the only one on this Earth that smells like that? And that my heart is so full I might explode? Will I remember that I hear "Hello World" by Lady Antebelum being played quietly from my iTunes?


Still Stuffed

Im late's my Thanksgiving post, even though it was last week. That's how I roll.

Aunt Mary came Wednesday night after meeting and spent the night with us. We were up Thanksgiving morning just in time to get the turkey in! So, here's my first ever turkey, with help from Mary :) It was delicious, too!

The punkin pie was good too, of course. Coy had just woken up from a nap when we were cutting the pie. He was completely out of it...but awake just enough to know to gobble up that pie :)

I took pictures of the boys over a month ago, and just now finally got a print framed for the living room. I like it!

P.S this post has been saved as a draft for , like 3 beware, now that im a blogging mood...there are more to come. Like, today ;)