Saturday, February 25, 2012

5 months

Today, Kase Logan is FIVE MONTHS OLD!

It's gone be sooo fast but we've really been enjoying this little guy!
He's been by far our easiest baby, happy all the time, satisfied just watching his brothers :)
(Well, except for at night...getting up 4 times, sometimes eating all 4 times..)


He's had cereal a few times, but is really ready to just gobble down anything he can get his hands on! Being busy in the kitchen, making baby food by the freezer full is coming much faster then I had hoped! At the supper table, he just stares down daddys food, protesting for just a bite, and tries to grab the fork on the way to dad's mouth. It's cute :)

He will push himself all the way up with his arms, and curl up his legs like he wants to just get up and crawl. Thank goodness that is a few months off...I hope....

So, all five of those months summed up with one, LOVE!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Love Story

Here was our Valentines Day week :

This is how our Valentines Day card picture taking really went..

Love Farm To Market Pork bacon? You'll love them seriously to the moon and back in these breakfast cups!

Below are the boys with their Valentine Hearts that Grandma & Grandpa Krisher sent! They are so beautiful when the sun shines thru them!

On Tuesday, Logan took the big boys to work with him for the morning... :) ... and Kase and I had a special lunch with Olga & Clara. I brought a diaper i made to have Clara model it..she was so cute in it!

And what 3 year old doesn't want to learn all about RADON? This was (still is) Coy's bedtime book of choice.... "Home Buyer's and Seller's Guide to Radon"

Oh man, these boys all crack m up!

We are back from a fun trip to the Pig Farm, and now my living room is taken over by dirty laundry. Yes, they are alive!

Friday, February 3, 2012

New Schtuff

I don't even know how to start this post...except that we have been super busy. Busy doing what? Oh nothing that is completely worthy of no blog posts in the past week...but just busy being! :D

Busy with these 3 boys!
Would you not be estatic about a slobbery ketchup kiss?
Now that I type that 'out loud', that does sound really gross! But if it's a kiss from Bentley, I'll take it!

Kase has been growing like crazy! It does make me teary when I think about how much he's grown in 4 months, and how fast I know he will continue to grow. Not that it's not fun, but this little baby stage is so sweet. And not that toddlers aren't sweet too, but....oh my, I am going to dig myself a hole here. ;)

But seriously, he's big. He's smiley. He's beyond cute. He's happy.

He's been up and active a lot more, always watching his brothers, who are usually goofing off for him. He even sat up for about 30 seconds already!

Here is the boys' new bed!! When we were in Ikea in MN, I fell in love with a little toddler bunk bed cause it was perfect for the kids room! However, with a van already filled to the max, and 12000 miles to go, we could not bring it back with us. Plus, Logan's famous words spilled out of his mouth..."I could build that".

Alas...he did build it, and I love it! The boys love it even more! It's only 3 feet tall and very kid friendly. Not very mommy friendly though. It's a good thing the boys dont care how often their beds are actually tidy and made.... ;)

Kase gets up 2-3 times a night still.......
So i finally listened to the several older experienced ladies that swear giving a baby cereal right before bedtime will magically make them sleep thru the night. He did o.k.....wasn't too into it, but he's only 4 months.

And....I would like to prove those ladies wrong. Again.

There's proof under my eyes. Big dark can't' miss 'em!

And speaking of, I'm off to a nap.

Wait, it's 8:44 AM? Shoot.

Off to clean up a potty accident, then! ;)