Monday, August 27, 2007

It seems that I only created this blog to show off Cole (which is partly, well mostly true) I have more pictures today from Dad. I got to talk to him the other day on the phone...but I think that he was sleeping? and just squeeking and moaning? Either way....he left my heart a fluttering!! We finally got plane tickets for next month...mine are for September 15th thru the 24th, and Logan's are from the 19th thru the 24th. Hopefully that'll get us enough time for droolin over Cole, and for Marion Convention!

I suppose that I should be writing about my new job and such as well...but carpal tunel, and a headache aren't on todays agenda. Maybe another day?

Hope all is well!

Monday, August 20, 2007


Born Aug 18th 2:59 am. Just a few hours short of my birthday. Wait...that's AUNT Elissa. ;) The last thing Mom said to Lindsay before she got on the plane was "Now don't go and have that baby while I'm gone!" Kidding of course...since he wasn't due till Sept 11. We picked mom up from the Missoula airport near 1 am. At 4:30 phone rang. I didn't answer...thinking "Lindsay...please....we're sleeping". So..with my foggy head...i kept thinking about her calling at such an UNreasonable time. the sibling telepathic wave struck me....i JUMPED outta bed...and ran into Mom's room....LINDSAYS WATER BROKE! Mom sits up....."HER WATER BROKE????" haha....
So...the story goes on. During Rocky Mountain School of Photography SI graduation...we missed SEVERAL calls. Eventually....after heading up to Kalispell and goin to the rodeo...our sweet little nephew came! :D Then the whole 3 hours home from Kalispell we waited for the little "bling" of Mom's phone...for more photos. We can't to see him when we come for Marion convention!
(hope youre alright with me stealing your picture Ash...<3)