Saturday, August 13, 2011

8 Second Fun

Nothin gets our little guys blood pumpin more then a gallop to the rodeo! (Or "Raaaaaaadeoooooo" as they shout as they jump around the living room, and Coy tackles Bentley and pretends to calf rope him. groan.) We attempted the rodeo at the fair Thursday night, despite my rediculous coughing and contractions, and lasted about half-way thru, which was sufficient enough for the kids :)

During the event, this is what the kids faces are like....staring in awe...but then errupt when the cheering starts!

Coy waits and waits for something to fly out of the chutes. In between rides, he asks "Another one comin out?" Yes son, please wait a least! Then another bronc and rider come out, then "Another one comin out?" Patience does not run in this little cowboys blood when it comes to this!

Since I've been laid out flat all week being sick, the boys have been super bored and impatient with my boring-ness. So today we made a tent. "The biggest tent ever!" according to Coy. Which was pretty cool for all of about 10 minutes, of course. And how awesome is this mom to even let them have a snack in the tent! :)

Sometimes their attention span reminds me of the 8 second ride ;)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

August Love & Fun

Wow, got home late Monday night from a wonderful, fulfilling trip to Wisconsin to see Sarah & Chase start their new life together! Now, granted we rarely had the camera when we needed it the most, here are few pictures we did get! Lindsay got some spectacular pictures of the whole week, check them out!

So we'll start at the beginning:
Traveling was ok with the long as Coy could watch a movie, and Bentley had some toes to play with, preferably his own, haha :)

And this sweet lady is to thank for getting us 1500 miles there....and back!

Fascinating clouds across North Dakota. Really the only interesting thing there to ever take pictures of...haha. Just kidding, it was all beautiful. Just loooooong and boring of a drive!

We didn't have too much time to spend with mom and dad because there was so much to do all week to prepare for the wedding, but the kids did get to enjoy a little "kick ball" with Grandpa :) 

(Sheila, Shyla, Sarah, Mom, Myself & huge belly, Linds & Rem)
Thrusday us girls went for mani/pedi's in the morning, and it was a total relaxer to prepare for the next few intense days!! Little Remington came along and sat quietlyl in his carseat, sticking his toes out if wanting to have them done too :)
After a full day or working and shopping, Linds, Shyla & I threw a bridal shower for Sarah, which turned out to be lots of fun!! (she's got great pictures of that too!)

                                                                                     * * *

And then came the big day! August 6th 2011...the day that has imprinted upon our hearts, and will be their anniversary for years & years to come! My heart was so happy & full of love, and was so incredibly proud to be Sarah's matron of honor, and sign my name as a witness to not only a legal bind, but a love that is so strong that it will endure anything and make life so beautiful and fulfilling! The ceremony down by the lake was enchanting ( despite the sickening heat and humidity)!
These little cousins had so much fun together, and are deemed to be nothing but best buds (and trouble) all the while they're growing up! Don't have a good picture, but princess Madison was pretty darn good at keeping up with "the boys" :)

I LOVE this picture Logan took of Great-Grandma & Coy!

Instead of a get-away car,  Sarah and Chase flew off into their future in Grandpa's little red & white Cesna!
Afterwards, we drove to the hanger where he keeps his plane and his pilot friend, Richard, took some up for a ride! Coy & Logan jumped in for a little ride, and Coy loved it!

Coy has a special bond with his Great Grandpa now :)

Logan took this picture of Mom & Dad's place from the cool!

Well, that's all I have on our little point & shoot....but keep checking our Lindsay's blog for pictures and Mariah Baseman's websites for wedding pictures!!

Ryla May

While we were in Wisconsin, our little niece arrived!!! Kenny & Lichen welcomed a *perfect* little baby girl August 1st, named Ryla May.

Lucky for us, we detoured through Great Falls on our way home on Monday and got to meet her!

Bentley seemed just fascinated by her tiny feet, pulling off her socks a few times to peek at them. (she's a little tickleish, by the way)

But Coy was just like "Meh, yeah, she's kinda cute I where did I set my Thomas train?" This auntie & uncle are completely in love with her!