Saturday, November 23, 2013

He's FOUR and we ADORE

We celebrated another birthday this week.
This deep dimpled spitfire we named Bentley Armour turned FOUR!
On Wednesday, his actual birthday, we went in to have lunch and ice cream with Daddy and Gramma Mary. How delicious does this ice cream cone look? The birthday fella was fighting a bug so he didn't take more than a few bites, but when he wants to try again, we will concur. Gladly :)
At 4 years old, Bentley's deep dimples bring us joy and we experience a love for him that comes from deep within our hearts. He's stubborn, strong willed, a screamer, a stomper, a major fit thrower, a "NO!!!"-er - but is also a tenderhearted brother, a nuzzler, hand kisser, giggler, inquisitive, great sharer, and focused. Bent brings a smile to our faces and an exploding love to our hearts!
Bentley's sweet smile and dimples often reminds me of the inner beauty of people. He's a sassy guy and often frustrating but he's also got that face and sweet eyes that bring me back to center...that remind me of just how beautiful and tender God created people. He is my reminder in so many ways that we are not our own and we need to be led by the hand by the One who knows all! And I love him SO much more for that!

Wow, this is THE day we welcomed him into our family. I can remember it all SO clearly, as if I had just experienced it. Auntie Sarah was living with us then and she had brought an unsettled little Coy in to the Birth Center to be with us. They dozed downstairs while Logan and I labored so hard to bring about this little guy into the world. After an undescribably incredible water birth, Coy came up to meet his brother. It was an overwhelming moment...these two meeting and knowing they'd be lifelong friends. Our days got busier, but hearts got bigger!
So, I HAD to share this picture too :)

And this one. Is there anything sweeter then loving siblings? We know their future will always include eachother! And their other brothers too, of course, but these two have an extra special bond.

Bentley wanted an airplane birthday, so here's the cake I tried to decorate. We had a few great friends over for pizza, popcorn and chocolate cake.

It's kind of hard to see hanging up, but the banner says "Flying High at 4". I'll admit that he's not flying too high a day after all that sugar! We even splurged and got soda because they were in such cute little cans. :) I know, bad mommy move! (I've learned my lesson)

It was satisfying to hear the laughter and screeches of these kids! They can all relate to eachother and somehow understand eachothers goofyness :) Plus, they all love Lego's and basketball. WIN!
So tonight we are going to kiss our not-so-little Bentley Armour and say a prayer of thankfulness for him and the joy he's brought us since second 1!
And also bathe him....we all know how dirty little boys can get! Eww!


Amanda Braaten said...

happy birthday bentley!

Janette said...

So sorry we missed the celebration - glad I could enjoy it in pictures :)