Tuesday, November 19, 2013

In 9 Months Time..

In just 9 months time, our sweet little Reid bug went from this......


He crawling now, loves to eat avacados and bananas with raspberries and spinach, talk (hollars) along with his brothers, has that smile and dimple that stops everyone in the grocery store, and loves sleeping snug in our arms at night.

He makes our hearts feel full. He makes us so proud, growing well and developing into what we can already see will be a bright little fella.

He's finally getting a tooth and were so lucky he's been a fairly mellow tether. Maybe when he gets more teeth he will be more interested in food, as he eats a little but prefers to nurse yet. Which I absolutely love :) That however didn't stop him from chomping on Beth's caramel apple!

Oh yup, there's an avacado...more smeared  on the table than his mouth! Reid loves his daddy and always wants to be where his brothers are.  But the curious little guy usually ends up getting dragged to a secluded corner, giving brothers 32 seconds of 10 less little grabby fingers in their pile until he appears again...teehee!

Happy 9 months to our precious little B-Bug! You are a bright and warm ray of sunshine in our hearts and home!

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