Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My Scene on Dec. 3rd

I had plans today. 

The 3 big boys are at preschool with Beth (I'll introduce that amazing woman later) and I ran to get a coffee and then was going to run in the treadmill once Reid was down for a nap. Excersize for 40 minutes, load the dishwasher, fold the 2 baskets of clothes, then pick up the boys. I was finally going to be productive!!

However....that's not what's happening. And I'm totally ok with it. The house is in ok condition...living room is still picked up. Wow.

The boys room has already started to be disaster-fied..but it is ok, they had fun..

My sewing station has been abandoned mid-stitch on a special skirt I'm making for a special girl. It can wait. (Oh look, there's my americano. Ahhh!)

It can all wait ...cause I'm doing this right now ...

So when we're all wondering why I haven't lost the baby weight..it's cause I have a baby. :) I'm a very lucky mommy!

That's my scene this morning!

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Sandy said...

Love you for all your efforts and all your heart! :)