Wednesday, November 13, 2013

All Night Long..


That's what this guy finally did all night long! For the first time in nearly 9 months, we got a full night! Although I'll admit, I missed him during the that weird? And I'm not feeling as rested as I thought i'd be, but I'll bet I won't be saying these things after a whole 'nother week of amazing sleep. If I'm that lucky ;)

Doesn't he look all bright eyed and bushy tailed? Except no bushy tail like his brothers tend to sport ;)

This is my favorite time with Reid...when we sit down to nurse and he plays with my shirt, annoyingly pinches my skin, grabs for my nose and looks into my eyes and breaks into a toothless grin. Lucky for this mommy, he hasn't really gotten into eating food until just a few weeks ago, so we were nursing every 3-4 hours still. I'm learning to cherish more and more these hours. As our baby no.4 has learned to crawl, baby no.3 is saying up to 5 word sentences, baby no.2 is about to turn FOUR and baby no.1 cannot possibly be categorized as a baby anymore...I'm so melancholy thinking of how fast they change, how fast they grow. This day is closer to the very last day that these guys will need me for everything (although I'm not gonna's exhausting some days!), want my kisses, ask me to teach them and read to them...sigh. I want to soak it all up...every day of it! <3 nbsp="" p="">

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