Thursday, November 7, 2013

Funny story; Chewing chicken

I am that overprotective mommy who will not bring people-shooting guns into this house whether it be in movies, magazines, games..

But of course, the police men in their Lego City sets have them, so Coy was pretending to shoot at Bentley's Lego guy. As Bentley's guy was laying disconnected and "bleeding" in a pile on the table, I said that guns were not meant to shoot people.

So he asked, "Well what's his gun for then?"

I told him vaguely that it was for in case there was an emergency and police man needed one.

He replies completely straight faced, "Like when a chicken is chewing on someone?"

Yes, boy, they're for chickens. Except I said that through tears because I was laughing so hard. Turns out, he was dead serious about the people-chewing chickens!

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