Sunday, March 20, 2011

What are Saturdays for?

Well, you've asked the right person, 'cause we can sure tell you!!

Saturdays are GREAT for working on projects and stuff...

AND for getting as much fresh air as possible!

They are for monkeying around...

and ACTUALLY getting real projects done.
(Logan was burning the grass off of a built in motocross track the last owners put in the field (lucky us). however, we will have NO use for it.. not even when our boys reach their teenage years..;) )

Saturdays are when we take our jobs of fire watching VERY seriously..

and our view watching is spectacular!

We find toys to play with that we discover wont work (such as a flat basketball)..

and we find lots of KISSES that need to be given!!

And most of all...Saturdays are the days that little boys watch and learn from their dads doing their big "daddy" projects

Once it got too dark and cold for the kids, they watched Logan move dirt with the tractor from the window. When Logan was about to scoop up a load, Coy cheered him on saying "Get the dirt, Daddy, get the dirt!" When he got a load, Coy shouted "Good job, daddy!" I wish he could have been heard through that window!

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Janette said...

We're happy Logan is getting something done with the tractor even if he has to work until after dark. I especially love the picture of the boys at the brings back many memories!