Monday, March 28, 2011

The Pheifers Came to Visit

Adrian, Anna & their kids came this weekend - and we had a blast! Thankfully, the weather was great so we spent a lot of time outside - swinging, visiting the miniture horses next door, and collecting "gems" and burying eachother in the stone pile.

Here are a few picutres I got.

This is my new favorite picture :) I love seeing my handsome husband, carrying our littlest country kid!

Patiently waiting for the mini's to notice their biggest fans waiting for them!

Ella, Tessa & Jaci LOVED these fella's! I believe I heard each of the girls ask for a horse for their birthday! More then once, too ;)

While the bigger kids fed them hay, this little guy ran around, joining in the excitement.

Of the 4 mini's. Sky was Ella's favorite, because of her light blue eyes. This one here, is Amber, though.

What a handsome smile, on this guy, huh? (This is Aaron Rio.)

LOVE this picture of Ella. I know I have a lot of her, she was just so involved in what the horses were doing, it made her very photogenic!

Bentley & Adrian. Logan joked "the view from his arms was better" :)

Daddy's shoulders works too! (im madly in love with his dimply smile!)

A brief moment of all the kids together! 6 sweet cuties!

Coy Aaron.

Ella Rose.

Tessa Jane.

Jaci Claire.

3 buddies.


Anna said...

It WAS a blast!! Not sure if it was more fun for the parents or the kids. I guess we ALL just loved being together!! Thanks for your hospitality. Hope cleaning up after us isn't too overwhelming! ;)

Sarah Heyes said...

Thanks for sharing! Love getting a glimps of the family i miss SO much!

Love you all!

sarah said...

Ditto to sarah's comment:)


Lindsay said...

sweet kiddos... oh, it's so obvious they had a blast! wish we were closer- can you imagine the wonderful chaos? :)

Brooklyn Michiri said...

looks like a lot of fun:]

those boys of yours are just so stinking adorable!!!!

love you!-me

Jessie K said...

Hi! I just found your blog and I'm sooo excited! So fun to see how your family is grown (and still growing!)!