Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mother, Do You Wine Much?

haha...I mean "Whine Much?"

I should be cutting veggies right now, or posting super cute pics of the boys...but something on Facebook has really got me thinking.

A girl, who's sweet little baby girl is just 3 months old, said she was sick of moms "complaining about their jobs. then why did they have kids?"

Whether or not she was pointing at me, haha....most of my status updates are about my kids and motherhood. The naughty things they do, the cute things they do, how tired i get...etc. I AM NOT COMPLAINING!


But seriously, being a stay-at-home mom to two toddlers, just 13 months apart and another one in the oven, is stressful! And tiring! And not always peaches & ice cream!...Just as any job goes.

So how do we deal with it? Some moms are just super moms, and are care3-free and just go with the flow. Some indulge in wine (pun completely intended), some relax with retail therapy.

For me? It helps to make light of the situation. Laugh (after the fact, of course) about it. Like my latests posts, where Bentley relocated the cream of wheat from the pantry to the laundry room floor, and is now self scoop....or rejoicing that I got a babysitter so I could go grocery shopping alone. Sharing laughs with other moms about our kids is a way of connecting with eachother, and encouraging eachother. Being a mom is joyous, but tough, so finding the humor is motherhood helps the day just go by a little easier.

A dear friend wisely told me, "The first child makes you a parent. The second child makes you a mother. The third makes you carefree." We shall see...but until I don't care that my kids have torn the pages out of my bible, an entire box of cream of wheat has been emptied into the laundry floor, or a PB&J sammy is upside down on a freshly washed floor.....I will somehow find the humor in it!

Ok, except for the Bible one maybe.
So, call it complaining....I'll call it funny!

Oh, and soon to come, is posts about
                                    * Baby Clara's 1st birthday party
                                    *Weekend trip to Gramma & Grampas pig farm
                                    *Feeding baby "sheepies", which Coy "wuvs a lot" ;)


Wrena said...

Liss, your fine! Some things were hard for me to handle and it doesn't change much just the situation changes. Honestly (probably told you this before) those years are pretty much a blur now... we still have messes but other issues arise ^_^ you can begin to imagine now... NO Matter what - GOOD SITUATION OR SOME WHAT EVIL - We still love our kids! I understand <-NOT JUST SAYIN'<-

Rachel Sue said...

Yup, laughing helps alot! Sometimes it takes a while before you can laugh at something! :) But we just have to remember how precious these kids are, no matter what they do!
P.S. I love you blog background!

Olguita said...

You are an awesome mom and I mean it!!!

Ben, Heather and kids said...

i say it's 'venting' not 'complaining'. there is 14 mos bewteen each of our 4 kids, so i know where you're coming from.

... and i'm still alive to tell you about it :)

tjp said...

Well said, Elissa!