Thursday, March 10, 2011


My camera is got a layer of dust on it, and caught in a spider web somehere I'm sure...and all I've got to post is things my kids say.

Bentley says : "waaaaaaaaaaaaa". and "NO!" sigh. Im blaming this behavior on his eye teeth, all 4 of them, just barely poking through. I hope I'm right! :S

Coy says (As we're walking down the driveway and it's windier then all get out...) "Mama, make a wind shut off up inna (s)ky!"

"Don't be sad at me, mama!" when he's getting in trouble. Does he mean "mad"?  Im thinking so.

In the van, instead of the radio, he wants to hear "meeting songs". Right now he's asking for the "Jesus song". This warms my heart!

He dropped his vitamin one morning and couldn't find it, which was pretty traumatic. Logan lifted him up, and turns out he was sitting on it. With the BIGGEST pouty lip and BIGGEST tears, he says "Sooooo saaaaad" and started bawling again.

**Oh, Bentley also says "BUUUURP" cause he just ate THREE (3!) pieces of toast for breakfast!


Mama's on the move said...

"sooo saaaad!"... soooo adoooorable!! see, once they start talking, they don't stop. :)
miss you guys soooo much! <3

Unknown said...

hahahaha so adorable!

this made my day:]

sarah said...

uhoh..I dont want to get into trouble.. but i hope you know i check your blog everyday eliss jane! the only way i can get ahold of brooke is thru her blog! buuuttt.. i will start commenting. and on lindsays too(incase she is reading this because iwill most likely get in trouble with her also) I LOVE YOU! kiss the little boys for me;)

xoxo slk