Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Our well child check ups were yesterday, and here are their stats:

Coy: 24# 5 oz and 32 in. long

Bentley: 14# 7 oz and 26 in. long. He's in the 75%tile for his length!!

They both got lots of shots, and the whole appt was a disaster, but thankfully Logan wanted to come with to check out our new pediatrician, so he was a lifesaver!

Bentley's been eating every 2 - 3 hours everyday and night for the past month and a half, and it's starting to get a little tiring. So I asked about starting him on cereals, and Dr. didn't reccomend that until he was 6 months. BUT....I might try it in a few weeks anyway, because he's obviously h-u-n-g-r-y....all.the.time.

We leave a week from tomorrow for Wisconsin! Anyone have advice for roadtripping with babies? It would be greatly appreciated! :)


Mariah said...

Yay, I'm so excited to have you come back here! :)

Did you ever decide anything about the family pictures?

Heather S said...

roadtripping with babies...
we've taken trips with 4 mos. then a 18 mos/6mos.. and then once they got older. It actually was easier when they were younger, as crazy as that sounds!

I did the 'bad thing' and nursed the baby while we were driving.. but when you're on the road for 8+ hours it gets old stopping.all.the.time.to.nurse.

we stocked up on favorite books/toys and had plenty of snacks. the van was a diaster when we made it to our destination, but if the kids were occupied.. we were happy too!
Safe travels!

Elissa & Logan said...

thanks heather! yeah, i'll just have to nurse en route too...stopping every few hours would take us forEVER to get there! we got some cute new books for him, so hopefully he'll be occupied with that for a few miles :)
mariah, i sent you a message :)

Alison said...

So fun to be together today! Hope you have a great trip to Wisconsin. The only advise I have it so be willing to stop once and a while. It seems like sometimes it would go really well and other times... not so well. Hope yours goes well!:)