Monday, April 5, 2010

Eggs-tra Special Weekend

We ventured up to Kalispell this weekend, to spend some quality time with Grandma & Grandpa. Coy of course was soooo excited to get there, and the minute we got in the door, he ran into the living room pointing up at the pig on the mantle above the fireplace, oinking :) He's got such a good memory, remebering where it was, and that it was even there!! It wasn't just the pigs that made the weekend great...but playing tractors with Gma and Gpa too! They were brave, and dyed eggs with Coy, which I hope to snag some pictures of soon! :) Bentley just sat back and watched the activities!

This is the only picture that we have so far (hope you don't mind, Brenda!) of the super fun annual Easter festival at Dave and Denay Christiansen's! This picture is cute, however, not at all Coy this weekend. He was so good, and was introduced to the usual activities of Easter...egg dyeing and egg "hunt". This must have been the reaction of not finding enough eggs....??


Unknown said...

i LOVE that picture elissa:]

glad you had a great time!xo

Kayla Mae said...

aww, Coy looks so sad! I love the title of this post :]