Thursday, March 25, 2010

I got out the Baby Einstein jumper for Bentley today! Suddenly, Coy had an intereset in it too, and got a little mad when he found out that it was for his brother, and not for him. Totally got over it though... :)

It's hard to believe that Bentley is 4 months already!! His 4 month, and Coy's 18 month well-checks are on Monday, and I'm anxious so see how they've both grown!

Everyday, and especially today, I feel so thankful that I can be a stay at home mother and wife to two precious babies, and one wonderful husband. A girl from my high school said on Facebook today, that she hated the role of being a stay at home mom and did nothing but complain about being a slave to her husband and child. I felt really mad after I read that, then felt so sad for her...that the path she had chosen to take (both kids by accident though), she ended up hating so much. This makes me feel too, that I take for granted what I have sometimes, and now I want to love more, care more, be more patient, and willing to do what it takes to be a great mom and wife.
Also heard that a little boy, at 4 years old died today from heart complications. Once again, I feel soo thankful that my babies, and my family, are as healthy as can be. I cannot imagine the grief and pain for his family, but I pray that they will be strengthened.
I see now, that I have everything that I could ever need [minus a few more kids maybe...;)] and have NO reason to complain, even on the days when I am pretty positive I am going to go crazy.
Speaking of crazy....
Coy is hitting daddy on the head, saying "uh-oh!"
Not sure if that should be "ok" in our house or not. Sure is funny though! Hehe!
Must mean its bedtime :)


Lindsay said...

yes, my dear, even the "off" days are blessings. there are some days i wish i had a full-time job to escape to, but i know that if i did, i'd quit because i'd rather be home with the kids. being a stay-at-home parent is the hardest job, i think... but if you get the opportunity to do it, it's also the greatest job.
can't wait to see you guys and coy and to FINALLY meet bentley! :)

Neisha said...

I love staying home too though there are days... but you have off days with any job.

Heather S said...

I agree with Neisha.. ANY job has it's 'days'.
I wouldn't trade my job for anything. We had some 'bad' moments this week, then I found a blog about a VERY sick little girl.. put things into perspective REAL quick.

Janette said...

You sound like just the kind of woman a person would want to marry their son.....thanks for being a great mom to our grandkids! I know is isn't all roses.....but nothing is!!