Friday, March 19, 2010

Seriously MIA..

Not have we only been MIA in blog-land, we have been MIA in real-life-land too. We got sick last weekend and it's just been a week full of coughing, fevers, diharrea and lots and lots of boogers. But, despite feeling rotten, the boys have helped me keep my spirts up (me being sick too) by their cute smile and cuddles. Today was the first day in about a week that I've been out of the house. Bentley & I met Sarah at the mall and then we went to Starbucks to sit and sip. :)

We gave Coy another haircut...haircut #3! I like his hair long, but he gets really bad bed head and it overlaps his ears. He looks so biiiiig! Like he should be talking in sentences or something! I reassured myself, however, that it WILL grow back.

Bentley will not take a bottle anymore. It's really OK, but was hoping that on our roadtrip to WI I could just pump and serve, rather then having to stop every few hours to nurse. Which brings me to say now.....two weeks from today we will hopefully be very near mom and dads house!


Alison said...

Sorry to here you guys have been sick too! No fun! It's amazing how good it feels to get out sometimes! Hope your all back to normal soon!

Anna said...

I'm sooo glad to hear you got to leave the house! And glad you have Sarah to hook up with in town!! Your boys are absolutely adorable, loveable, huggable, and I want to see them again soon! What a GOOD BOY Coy is -- Ella has always been the same way; teach 'em young & it sticks! :)