Sunday, March 7, 2010

heres a little giggle from bentley to give you a little smile on your monday!

since i posted a vid of coy, how fair would it be to not do one of bentley? :)
oh- the boots: coy has outgrown all his sunday shoes and boots, so we went to cenex to get some more. well...coy's got fat little feet and it's hard to find any that fit good. so, after searching and trying some on for a bit, we found some....but they lit up! (at first i was way more excited about them then he was...till now) i figured we could just put tape over it for meeting...haha. anyway...hes having a ball with them. hes got it down pat that you need to give them a good smack to lite them up.
might i add though, theyve scared the heck outta me while driving at night...thinking there's a cop chasing me down...but no cop in the rear view mirror. oh yeah, thats just coy, driving ma crazy :)


Carmen said...

That is really cute :0

Sandy said...

Now who can watch THAT without smiling too! Thanks!

Kayla Mae said...

OMGeeee! :] such a cute laugh.