Saturday, August 15, 2009

County Fair

The greatest song to ever live in my iTunes library, is Chris Ledoux, Take Me To The County Fair. Unfortunately, we didn't get to it as much this year as we usually get to. Tuesday was free admission, so Sierra and I went for a bit. The rides werent open yet, but there was still lots going on, and lots to see.

Seriously? Speedo for a sheep? GOOD GREIF!
Coy liked the sheep, and llamas...maybe until a LOUD and super-close-to-the-ear bleeting sheep scared the little bejeebies outta Coy!

The BEST part of the fair are the rodeos, Friday and Saturday night. We had plans to go Friday night, but with a cancellation from our rodeo partners, and cold, rainy weather, we decided to skip it. :( I really missed not going...but we did something much better......
We went on a very romantic DATE! I dropped off Coy at Gramma Marys, where he played with Ella, Tessa and Jaci, and Logan and I went to a fantastic place we've never been before! It's a place downtown called The Red Bird. We used a gift certificate from Mom and Dad B from Logans graduation, and was SOOOO amazing! It was dark, candle-lit, we had a private located booth, and the food was beyond describable, really. Their creations were so unique and delicious, and it was all local food, including Farm to Market Pork. We had a sausage starter, and then I had lamb, and Logan had bison. Mmmmmm. After a two hour relaxing dinner, we went back up to Mary's to pick up our little trooper and play a game of Thump with Ade and Anna.

Now, Im wasting time posting, when i should be finishing up my last-minute packing. When Logan gets home from market here, we're heading up to kalispell, because tomorrow morning, Coy and I catch the train to Wisconsin!! We'll be gone until the 29th, and missing daddy so much! But Logan is flying in to Appleton next Friday night, going to be there for Cole's 2nd birthday party, then flying home Sunday evening. It will be fun to see him for a bit, and make the 2 weeks not so long, seeing him in the middle. :)

So, Wisconsin readers....we just might see you!


Anonymous said...

Yipeee.. Cant wait to see you!

Carmen said...

Happy Birthday Elissa. Hope you are having a good trip.

Paige's Parents said...

Hey! Have a good trip. You have the cutest blog AND the cutest little boy. I can't wait to meet the next one :)

The Papendorfs said...

That speedo is pretty crazy... we never made it to the fair this year which is kinda sad. Oh well. Hope you had a good trip home!

Lindsay said...

oh, it was so fun to see you! :)
ummmm, i think it's a tad bit odd that you made friends with a sheep and then turned around and ate lamb... (j/k, but i could never eat lamb)!